Sunday, July 15, 2012

Why & How to Lighten Your Eyebrows

Why Lighten the Brows

If you go for a hair color change that’s more than two shades lighter than your natural color, your eyebrows are going to look a little strange compared to your new hair color. Make sure your brows keep up with your hair color by lightening them up to match! Another benefit of lightening your brows: It opens up your eyes and makes them pop. You might notice your face looking a little fresher with lighter brows as well.

Eye Shadow Colors

Although special brow powders will lighten your eyebrows effectively, you can create almost the same look with eye shadows in similar colors without having to purchase a completely different product. Try tan, light brown or taupe eye shadows to kick the color of your brows up a notch. Steer clear of shimmery or glittery eye shadows to create natural looking brows that match your own hair color.

Apply the Shadow

Brush your brows into the shape you want with an eyebrow brush. Grab an eyebrow pencil that matches the eye shadow color and outline your brows carefully first to keep them alined. Keep the lines short and light for a natural look. Now grab the eye shadow and an angled brush. Load the brush lightly and tap off any excess powder. Brush on the eye shadow, working from the inside edge to the outside edge of your brows. Keep the shadow light and blend it in well with your natural eyebrow hairs. Keep going until you finish lightening your brows to your heart’s content.