Friday, May 31, 2013

Everything You Need to Know About Toners


Interested in Toners but aren't sure exactly what they are and what their purposes are? Take a read! We'll inform you of everything you need to know about them.

You've got your daily skin care routine. It usually goes something like this: wash, dry and you're done. You might throw on some lotion if your face is really dry. But little did you know, that's just not enough.

Maybe your skin still feels oily after you wash it, or you wish your skin and pores could be a little tighter. Adding a skin toner to your daily regimen might be the perfect solution.

Chances are that you've seen skin toner on the shelves at your beauty supply store, sitting next to the bottles of cleanser and moisturizer that you buy. If you're not sure what exactly skin toner does or how to choose the right one, keep reading!

 First, you should know that the term "toner" is often loosely used. You might have shied away from toner in the past because you've heard of it drying out skin in some cases and moisturizing it in others. The confusion can be attributed to the fact that the toner label has been applied to a few different kinds of products. An alcohol-free toner will do you best, for all skin types really. If you have extremely dry skin, this is most ideal.

Benefits of a Toner?
  • Helps to balance your pH level to encourage more of an even skin tone. For example, if you have dry patches on a particular part of your face, or a very oily section or two, a toner can help even it out after continuous usage to make your skin become more balanced.
  • It removes any makeup, dirt or residue on your skin that your makeup wipes, face washes and scrubs might have left behind. Just because your face appears clear doesn't necessarily mean that it is! After usage, check out the cotton pad you used. It is likely you will find some dirt that was left behind. 
  • Using a toner helps to not only clean out the pores and any blackheads and dirt within it, but it helps to refine them. By removing the dirt, your pores are instantly shrunken. With continuous usage, the pores will eventually shrink and reduce the chance of more blackheads and dirt. 

 How do I use a toner?
  • Typically, toners are a thin fluid like water. This type will require a cotton pad or cotton ball for application. After you have washed your face, saturate the cotton and cleanse all over your face evenly. This works best when your face is still a bit damp, not dried all the way. 
What part of my skin care routine should I use a toner?
  • After you have washed your face, a toner would be used to soak in the excess water and truly hydrate your skin. Think of a toner as the final step of cleaning that ensures your skin is spotless before applying anything else. Afterwards, follow with your regular moisturizing routine and makeup if desired.
How often should I use a toner?
  • This could depend on your skin. Typically, toners are ideal for those with oily skin with excess shine and those with several blackheads and dirt within their pores. But either way, we suggest using a toner each time you wash your face. If this feels like too much, you can also use it just in the morning or at night, or both. 

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Best Blush Application Method for Your Face Shape

BLUSH is intended for your cheeks; however, this does  not necessarily mean applying rosiness of any area of your cheeks will work. Blush is intended to appear natural and to provide a glowing and healthy look. If your blush is in the wrong area, your entire look may look to "made-up" since your natural blood circulation that causes  natural blush may be in a different area of your cheeks. Here, we provide you a chart of different shapes of faces to help you  determine yours for you to apply your blush on properly. 

Oval - If your face is on the "longer" side with an oval shape, it's best to enhance your cheeks without creating illusions. Take your blush brush and gently apply at the center of your cheeks. Start with a slightly stronger wrist at the middle and blend outwards.

Round - Having a round shaped face is actually a great thing. It allows you to create a beautiful blush look while defining your face and cheek bones. Start at the inner most part of you cheek and pull out the color towards the sides of your face and finish by moving upwards at a diagonal. This truly will give you structure or really enhance the structure you already have.

Square - For this facial shape, you will need to work with it without making any alterations in shape as the blush may look unnatural. Using your brush, stroke from the inside of your cheeks and pull straight out to the sides of your face.

Long - This is probably the most classic method of applying blush. But little do some blush lovers know, this method is most suitable for those with a longer face shape. It is also recommended that you "smile" while applying the blush so that the curve of the blush blends perfectly with your natural expressions.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

All about BB & CC Creams

Heard the latest in cosmetics lately?  This post will focus on the latest in cosmetics and one of its newest additions, the "CC Cream". For those who are scratching their heads and thinking, "wait, what? You mean BB Cream right?", give us a moment to explain. It can get a little confusing, we know!

What's the difference between the CC Cream and the beloved BB Cream? 

To start, "CC" in this sense stands for "color-correcting". A CC Cream's key function along side of providing great coverage is to address issues such as redness, sallowness of skin and uneven skin tone.

BB Creams, which stands for "blemish balm" are "like" foundations with several benefits and specific functions for the skin such as whitening, brightening, anti-wrinkle properties, SPF protection, etc. while covering undesired blemishes. 

Additionally, CC Creams tend to start off at a very light shade even white then adjust to your skin tone to best match it after it is blended in. Depending on the BB Cream you use, most BB Creams remain the shade in the bottle but some can oxidize after application once again to best suit your skin tone.

Does this mean I need to switch over to a CC Cream?

No, not necessarily. A CC Cream is not necessarily an "updated version" of a BB Cream either, if that is what you are thinking. It was simply designed to really work with those with uneven skin and skin tone while providing the skin with mild coverage. Since it focuses more in tone correcting, a smaller amount is needed for application in comparison to BB Cream which is mainly used for covering. Overall, both BB and CC creams both provide an improved look to the skin after continuous use such as whitening and brightening properties, but have slightly different functions. 

What's the difference between Asian BB/CC Creams and American BB/CC Creams I'm seeing in drugstores?

Of course, we can't say for every CC Cream on the market. However, we can say that after lots of testing of CC Creams, we know that Asian CC Creams tend to have more benefits for the skin and stay true to the functions that they state they will serve. A typical Asian BB Cream will typically include the following properties: whitening/brightening, SPF protection, anti-wrinkle, moisturizes and/or oil-absorbing and stay true to the statement. 

How do I know if a BB or CC Cream is right for me?

If you have generally smooth skin and only want to cover blemishes for a flawless look or want more coverage in general, go with a BB Cream. There are many aspects you also need to consider in selecting your ideal BB Cream including your MAC skin tone shade, the skin type and preferences you wish in your BB cream. If you need more help in smoothing and evening out your skin/tone, go with a CC Cream. You can think of a CC Cream as more of a 'correcting primer' or a cosmetic item with skin treatment benefits and could require a bit more to cover darker areas. Most CC Creams tend to be more suitable for all skin types as well. 

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12th! Just one week away! Show the special mom or moms in your life that you care. What better way to do so than with giving her what she will truly love? Here is a breakdown of our Mother's Day gifting recommendations to make mom's day more special than ever. Order soon to get them in time!

Gift her a set of some of our most amazing products, and you're set!

1) SET: Lioele BB Best Couple Set #2
 The perfect combination of suncare and beauty. This set includes one of Lioele's best selling BB Cream provides the most gentle and soft texture skin friendly formula, which enhances your complexion and soothes skin with natural ingredients. Also includes, Lioele Fresh Sun Screeen with SPF45/PA++, it protects skin from UVA and UVB rays at the same time. It's long-lasting with a fresh feeling and without stickiness as it is W/S type. And also contains green tea water, rosemary extract and Portucula extract which soothes senstive skin. Get the best of both worlds with one purchase.

2) SET: Holika Holika Prime Miracle Snail Skin Care Kit

Includes three miniature skin care products and one miniature BB cream from the Prime Miracle Snail Line. When injured, Snails retain the miraculous renewal energy to heal the wound with naturally constituted snail secretion. The secret of self-healing power of the snail comes from the naturally constructed secretion called “Mucin”. This line will improve the overall condition of your skin with its whitening and anti-wrinkle effect!

3) Holika Holika: Bulgarian Rose Pearly Blossom Cream Special Set

Contains 20% precious Bulgarian rose water and rose essential oil, the combination of the two, leaves the skin rejuvenated and helps retain moisture. This pearl based moisturizer creates a luminous and radiant finish all day. Your skin will have a natural glow that glistens in the sun like fresh dewy roses.

4) NEW! Holika Holika Dessert Time Melon Pudding Pack

Comes in a variety of wash off masks to suit different skin types and their needs. The individual compact containers make them convenient for travel and the perfect fillers for any gift! Choose the one that suits your needs the best or try them all: Blueberry (nourishes and firms), Pineapple (Exfoliates), Orange (Brightens), and Melon (moisturizes)

Or, make her your own goodie basket with some of our best-selling individual items!

1) Lioele Cheek Beam Blusher


Glossy and highly moisturizing cream blusher for natural makeup look with a transparent glow. Lioele Cheek Beam Blusher is a Soft  Moisturizing cream blush. It's oil Absorbing which creating a flawless transparent glow. There is no stickiness which allows blush to last a long time without re-touch. Lioele Cheek Beam Blusher can be used a blush and a lip balm. 

2Skin79 Oriental Smooth Sun BB Pact - Featured Deal of the Week!
Makes your skin glossy as well as being naturally soft and fresh. Setting your makeup base while at the same time protects skin from UV rays. The oriental tea blending ingredients that includes White Tea, Black Tea, and Green Tea helps skin remain healthy by keeping it comfortable even after long hours of wearing. Soft powder will keep your skin tone even and sleek by deflecting lights touching skin.

3) Peripera’s My Color Lipsticks
Your lips will have a dewy shine like resembles that of dew on a flower petal. Your lips will stand out not only with color but fullness. This lipstick contains flower petal extracts and natural rose hip oil which gives your lips vitality!

4) My Beauty Diary Facial Sheet Masks (Singles and Box Sets!)

Make mom her own little spa without having to spend spa-prices! Mix and match from dozens of masks or buy her favorite types in boxes of 2 or 10! Whatever you choose, mom will be sure to love the fresh and clean feeling they give her including a burst of whichever function you choose: whitening, brightening, moisturizing, etc!