Friday, May 24, 2013

Best Blush Application Method for Your Face Shape

BLUSH is intended for your cheeks; however, this does  not necessarily mean applying rosiness of any area of your cheeks will work. Blush is intended to appear natural and to provide a glowing and healthy look. If your blush is in the wrong area, your entire look may look to "made-up" since your natural blood circulation that causes  natural blush may be in a different area of your cheeks. Here, we provide you a chart of different shapes of faces to help you  determine yours for you to apply your blush on properly. 

Oval - If your face is on the "longer" side with an oval shape, it's best to enhance your cheeks without creating illusions. Take your blush brush and gently apply at the center of your cheeks. Start with a slightly stronger wrist at the middle and blend outwards.

Round - Having a round shaped face is actually a great thing. It allows you to create a beautiful blush look while defining your face and cheek bones. Start at the inner most part of you cheek and pull out the color towards the sides of your face and finish by moving upwards at a diagonal. This truly will give you structure or really enhance the structure you already have.

Square - For this facial shape, you will need to work with it without making any alterations in shape as the blush may look unnatural. Using your brush, stroke from the inside of your cheeks and pull straight out to the sides of your face.

Long - This is probably the most classic method of applying blush. But little do some blush lovers know, this method is most suitable for those with a longer face shape. It is also recommended that you "smile" while applying the blush so that the curve of the blush blends perfectly with your natural expressions.

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