Monday, May 23, 2011

Pretty&Cute Facebook Model Contest!

Now until May 31st at 11:59PM (PST), submit a photo of you modeling a product from Pretty&Cute and post it onto our Facebook Fan Page. Get your friends to "Like" your photo now until the deadline and you can win a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place prize if you are in the top 3 line-up! The more "Likes" you get on your photo, the higher your chances of winning these awesome Pretty&Cute products! See Rules & Regulations at the bottom.


One Pair of EOS V209-LB Violet Circle Lenses (Plano) 

Cuore K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H

Koji Dolly Wink 02 Sweet Girly 

OPI: Serena William's Simply Smashing

Lioele Real Color Eyeshadow (#4 Modern Brown)

Two Pairs (2) P&C Glamourous Lash #077

Lioele Beyond The solution BB cream 50ml
1 Box (2 Masks) My Beauty Diary: Pearl Powder Masks
OPI: Serena William's Simply Smashing Nail Polish
Two (2) Pairs of Glamour Lash #077


Lioele Real Color Eyeshadow (#4 Modern Brown)

OPI: Serena William's Simply Smashing Nail Polish

Kawaii Pink Nail Bow Set

General Rules & Requirements: 
Add the caption "Pretty&Cute Facebook Model Contest: (Your Name Here) - Vote for me!" One photo submission per fan. Photo must present fan and product clearly. Honest "Likes" only please. Do not create anonymous Facebook pages to add to your "Like" count - you will be immediately disqualified if you do so. No "tagging" of people on your photo allowed. Original images only. Winners will be announced via Facebook Fan Page after the deadline.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Best BB Cream for Summer

It's no secret that Summer is the most popular season. There is simply more to do when the sun is out. Summer only last a couple of months and in some area only a couple of weeks. We tend to look forward to summer, but often times we miss it so much, we forget the things we don't like about summer.

I love summer just as much as the next person, but there is one thing I don't like about summer and that is sweating. Sweating can be a big problem for girls. Especially when we have makeup on. Sweat can cause streaks and cause our skin to look oily. It forces us to re-touch more often to keep our makeup looking fresh. Sweat is simply a girl's inconvenience.

It's not until lately I started to enjoy summer more. I no longer have to worry about sweat or my makeup getting rubbed off. I rely a lot on my bb creams, not just for coverage, but also for sun protection.  I have a lot of bb cream, but for summer I always use a Water Drop BB cream.

I have 3 types of Water Drop BB cream. Lioele, Skin 79, and Dr.Jart. I personally really like the Lioele Water Drop BB cream because of its high SPF and it's also water proof.  I can wear it to the beach and even do a high intensity activity without having to worry about my coverage getting streaks or washed off. It allows me to enjoy summer without exposing my skin unprotected and without any coverage.

All 3 Water drop bb cream are made with a water base. Just like the Lioele V-line Sleeping Pack, it creates little water drops that adds moisture into our skin. Although, water base bb cream only provide a sheer coverage due to its light weight formula, it does its purpose by evening out skin tone and hiding blemishes.

Lioele Water Drop BB cream. It is more of a yellowish base. 

Yellow tone is great for balancing out redness.

Glides on smoothly

Creates Water drop when blended

Great coverage on redness 

Left hand with BB cream. Right hand without. It made my skin color less red and with a matte non-greasy finish. 

Skin79 Shiny Peal Water Drop Beblesh Balm

You can see the sparkles in the cream even before you blend it out.

It creates tiny white water drops to brighten skin. Once blend in, it will have a diamond like sparkle effect. Giving the skin a radiant glow.

Dr. Jart Dew Drop Blemish Balm 

Greyish tint base, with dew drop to give dewy effect on skin.

A heavier coverage out of all 3 bb cream. Perfect for dewy effect lovers. It helps retain moisture. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to Get Your Own Pretty&Cute Referral Permalink

We receive several e-mails from our customers requesting a permalink for the refer-a-friend program. Our program offers 50% of their friend's purchase in reward points for everyone who refers a friend. If your friend makes a second or even third purchase, you will gain 50% of the reward points from his/her total purchase.

Pretty&Cute offers permalinks to customers. However, with our current system, the permalink is not visibly displayed . I have spoken with our developers about this issue. In time, we will work this into our system and make it easily to navigate around.  Here is a simple tutorial on how to obtain your permalink with our current system:

Step 1
Login to your Pretty&Cute account. 
This will bring you to "My Account" section.
Once you're there, click on the link "Refer friends."

A window will pop up with text fields for you to insert your "friend's email address" and a message. Enter your own e-mail address in its place, do not enter in your friend's email address.
This will allow our system to send you an e-mail with your permalink in it.

Within the e-mail there is a link to the website. 
That is your permalink for the referral program.
The e-mail should look like this:

Click on the link. This will take you to If you look on the address bar, you will see it has the words "referral_ID" with your customer number behind it. In this example, the customer number is "437". This is how we keep track of your referrals. 

With this link you can refer us to your friends however you would like.
Link it to our banner and post it on your blog, YouTube channel or any other social network of your choice. Just replace the highlighted link to your own Identification link.

This is what the banner would look like if you put it on your blog. Whenever someone clicks on the banner and makes a purchase, you will be able to view your points in "My Account" section on

You can use the link on

You can use it on

Or you can shorten the link to and track your link clicks.

From you get a detail statistics on your link count.

Friday, May 6, 2011

OPI Shatter Edition: What Makes These Polishes So Special?


Are you tired of plain solid-colored nail polishes on your nails? Do you constantly try to come up with new nail designs but seem to always use the same over and over? If you answered yes to both questions, we would highly recommend  OPI's Shatter Edition nail polishes. This is one of the new hottest trends today when it comes to nail designing, nail art and it is simply fun and so easy to use!

"The colors look like plain solid colors, what's so special about them?"  The answer is: these polishes are the new revolutionary polishes with a "shatter-ing" effect on your nails. Basically, they are not solid colors when painted onto your nails as they may seem when looking at the bottle. "Really? So how do they work?" - all you have to do is apply any solid color of your choice (regular nail polish), then apply OPI's Shatter Edition polish over it. Then, just watch the magic happen with your very eyes. The polish begins to take effect immediately when in contact with your nails and takes only a few seconds for the effect to complete. Apply a clear top coat over for long-lasting results.

Get your hands on some for your friends and yourself! 
 Order Now - Hurry, limited quantity!

Still not sure how this works? 
Check out this video to see the effect take place in real time!