Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Park Bom Inspired Makeup
Park Bom, one of the most well-known and influential Korean pop artists on the market today. Along with her amazing style of music, she is an icon when it comes to beauty and fashion. If you are a fan of Park, you probably are able to recognize her just by snapshots of her eyes. Why, you say? Lets start with the amazing eyelid fold she possesses that millions worldwide envy! 

Typically, Asian eyes are "mono-lid" meaning that they do not have a fold. To achieve a Park Bom signature look, an affordable and effective way to begin is with eyelid tapes or glues. How it works:

Eyelid tapes are cosmetic tapes that are placed onto the eyelid and pushed upwards into another fold of the lid to achieve a double fold. It is even possible to achieve a semi-permanent to permanent fold of the lids in this way with continuous usage. Find the ones pictured below demonstrated by the one and only Michelle Phan, a fan of these tapes > Video: How to Even Out Eyelids Without Surgery

Of course, the next step to the iconic Park Bom look is the deep black cat-eyed/winged eyeliner. Use a gel formula for best results as the look requires more of a Kohl and chalky look rather than a smooth liquid eyeliner type of look. Use one with a thick liner brush for best results such as the one featured here. Find this Gel Liner by Clicking Here

You will notice that another signature feature of the Park Bom makeup look is the adorable pop of silver or a shimmery white which makes the eye appear larger and really "pop"! Use a pencil type for best results. Using a liquid type may make the look appear too made up and too much of a club-scene look. Draw this directly underneath the outer corner of the eyeliner you had just applied. 
Find this Eyeliner by Clicking Here
Of course, the staple of this look are falsies! Park enjoys to use natural looking lashes that aren't too overpowering of her already bold makeup look. Find a lash that has great volume of lashes all around it. This will help to circle the eye portion more and give the overall look just what it needs for that adorable Park Bom look! Find these lashes by Clicking Here

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