Friday, February 25, 2011

Lioele Cheek Beam Blusher

Lioele Cheek Beam Blusher
  Did you know that the Lioele Cheek Beam Blusher now comes in 3 different shades? #1 Peach Pink, #2 Baby Pink, #3 Pastel Coral - Shades 2 & 3 now come in a larger size pact in newly designed packaging. Lioele Cheek Beam Blusher is a Soft  Moisturizing cream blush. This specially designed blusher absorbs excess oils in your skin which helps you to create a flawless transparent glow. There is no stickiness which allows blush to last long periods of time without having to re-touch often. Another great thing about this product it can be used both as a regular blush and a lip balm.
This blusher will last you a long time - don't forget to add this to your shopping bag!

 Click here to see complete details on this product at www.Pretty&

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

OPI: Katy Perry Collection

Left to right: Last Friday night, Not like the movie, The one that got away, Teenage Dream, Shatter

Katy Perry Collection by OPI has been the "It" nail crazy of early 2011. The colors are amazingly beautiful and the Shatter cracked line effect is just awesome. The cracked lines gives a unique design. It gives an illusion of a in salon nail art, but yet simply done by adding a coat on top of the color of your choice.

The Shatter is what caught my attention from this collection, but my focus quickly turned when I saw Teenage Dream. Teenage Dream is the pink glitter nail polish, which provides a tone of glitter. I personally own a lot of a glitter nail polish, but by far the Katy Perry's collection Teenage Dream is the easiest to work with. With any glitter nail polish, you are working with a thick polish. It can be hard to navigate.

2 coats of Teenage Dream
The picture really doesn't do the nail polish justice. The nail polish gives a flawless finish of little diamonds on your nail. It has a light tint of pink which doesn't take away the effect of the glitter.

Here is a video while putting the Teenage dream on. In the video you can see a better quality of what the Teenage dream looks like.

I really liked how Teenage Dream looked like on it's own, but I was still curious about Shatter. I applied Shatter on shortly after my nail polish dried. Remember to use Shatter on a dry nail, or else you will risk taking the original nail polish off.

Since it was my first time using Shatter. I really had no Idea of the what the outcome would be. Shatter dries amazingly fast. You will have to apply it to your nails the second you pull the brush out of the bottle. Remember to put a thin coat on, or else the polish won't crack. On my ring finger, I applied too much nail polish on a certain area causing it not to crack. I even try poking it with my pinky nail to see if I can create some fake cracks to blend in with the other areas. All i did was left nail marks on the polish. 

The color of "Shatter" is quite ugly before top coat. There is no shine to it what so ever. It really does look like dry asphalt. The Shatter is very unique, but will take time to be perfected. If you like the edgy exotic look,  the Shatter is the nail polish for you. If you are like me, who enjoys glitters and sparkle, the rest of Katy Perry's collection is definitely a must have.

Monday, February 7, 2011

New Lioele products coming soon!

Lioele is coming out with a new BB cream call "Dollish Veil." This bb cream is packed with vitamins and enhance natural skin tone. Personally, Lioele bb cream has never disappointed me. I am very excited to compare the difference.

They are also coming out with more colors of the cheek beam blusher. The first color they came out with was Peachy Pink, and now they will be releasing baby pink and Pastel Coral. It might have Blusher in the name, but they make wonderful lip balms! (recommended by hollyannaeree)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Pretty&Cute at the Vietnamese Tet Festival @ the Oregon Convention Center 02/05/11

Pretty&Cute will be at the annual Vietnamese New year Tet Festival 2011 at Oregon Convention Center this Saturday, February 5 2011. We will have some of our best products for sale and will be handing out lucky red envelopes, so stop by and say hi! We hope to see you there!

COST: $4.00 per Adult (Children under 5 and seniors are free)
The Vietnamese Tet New Year is a time-honored cultural
celebration that takes place annually. During Tet, the Vietnamese
community ushers in a new year filled with good fortune, goodwill
and prosperity. Tet is an invigorating time to celebrate the
Vietnamese heritage, honor family and work towards a fresh start.

Estimated of attendees: 6,000


• All day Health Fair for everyone in the community
• Entertainment performances throughout entire day: lion dance,
bands, singers, traditional and modern dances, martial arts, etc...
• Miss Vietnamese Pageant
• Youth Games and Activity Center
• Business, community, non-profit and health vendors

Oregon Convention Center
777 NE Martin Luther King J Boulevard
, OR 97232