Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tips on How to Ring in the New Year!

Believe it or not, 2013 is only days away! 
We can say goodbye to 2012 and cherish the memories we created, learn from the mistakes
we might've made and carry on with a fresh new outlook.. 
It's time to ring in the new year! 
In order to welcome in the new year, we must do it right! If you are going out to a party, out on the town for the night or a midnight countdown with your loved ones - take a look at these top 5 tips from our Pretty&Cute beauty experts. 

1. Primer & Setting Powder
When you're out on the town you don't want to think about your makeup smearing, smudging or fading. And if it does happen, it's even worse when you don't notice until you see your photos on New Years Day! This is why getting your face ready and setting it afterwards is crucial for special nights out. The special formulas in primers grab onto your makeup and hold it tight longer than your makeup would on naked skin. Setting powder then seals it all together keeping your makeup in place and secured while sometimes giving you an extra added glow or matte finish. Think of it as the clear top coat of nail polishes!
2. Go bold or go home!
New Years Eve only comes once a year so rock out all the thick eyeliners and vibrant lip colors that you want! If you're the type who doesn't usually feel brave enough to really stand out on regular days, use New Years Eve to practice. Wing out your cat-eye and wear a bright red lipstick. You can't go wrong with red lipstick during these chilly yet warm and cozy Winter nights! Don't be afraid, be BOLD and make it a night to remember.

3. Plump Eyelashes

What's great about New Years Eve is that you can go all out on your eyelashes by using false eyelashes with crystal gems or boost the natural look. It's up to you! Crystal gems give you an extra sparkle in your eye and to your wink. Natural looking lashes enhance your eyes, making them look extra bright and lively not only in person but in photos! Try a pair and rock the night away!


4. Sparkles, Shimmers & Glitters
When we think of New Years Eve, the first thing that most of us think about is the giant crystal ball that is dropped each year in New York City. Then, when you think about crystals, what do you think of? SPARKLE! New Years Eve is a great time and excuse to bust out those sparkly, glittery, glimmery, shimmery makeup products as well as clothing. When it comes to makeup, you can use eyeshadows OR our favorite, glitter eyeliners. But, this doesn't mean you should use it on your eyelid alone. A great tip is to create your regular black eyeline, either regular or dramatic cat-eye for that extra glam then create a glitter line above the black line either all the way across or from the middle out. Place some in the inner tear ducts as well to make your eyes glisten and stand out throughout the night. Fabulous!

5. Blotting Papers
Oily skin? All that dancing and movement is probably not making the situation any easier for you to handle the night either. No problem. Grab a small packet of blotting papers and throw it into your clutch. We know how much of a hassle it can be step away from the party to pat your face with a puff and holding a compact in the other hand. So instead, every time you feel any excess oil on your skin, tear one out and gently pat on your face. Then you're done and set for more dancing! 

 These are just a few tips for New Years Eve - if you have questions or need advice on any other related topics, let us know! Happy New Year! 2013. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Season of Giving: Pretty&Cute Holiday Donation!

In honor of the holiday season of giving, Pretty&Cute decided to make a great donation to the Asian Women Shelter of California for the holidays! We at Pretty&Cute know the importance of pampering oneself but we also understand how it can be difficult to be able to do so, so we wanted these women to receive $1,200 worth of free high-quality makeup and skincare products from Pretty&Cute! Here's to a brighter and merrier holiday season.

"The mission of Asian Women's Shelter (AWS) is to eliminate domestic violence by promoting the social, economic and political self-determination of women. AWS is committed to every person's right to live in a violence-free home, and has a specific focus towards addressing the cultural and language needs of immigrant, refugee, and U.S.-born Asian women and their children. This perspective is reflected in the organization's broad strategy, which integrates culturally competent and language-accessible shelter services, educational programs, and community-based advocacy." (

Our staff believe that everyone is beautiful but for those who have trouble seeing it in themselves, it just takes a little to help them feel that they are. If you feel like you would like to donate and make a difference to these women as well, feel free to check out this link > OR you can donate to another charity or organization of your choice!

Remember, the holidays are about giving. Big or small, physical gifts or emotional support, they all count and matter. What have you given this holiday?

Friday, November 30, 2012

Don't Be Fooled! > How to Spot Fake Products > Lioele

It's true. Looks can be deceiving! We've talked about this before in a previous blog, but since we have received many inquiries recently on how to determine whether a product is up to date, real or fake, we decided to inform everyone on how to spot fake products on the market. So, let's talk Lioele. 

If you haven't noticed, often times Korean cosmetic companies such as Lioele tend to change up their products roughly every two years or so. Why do they do this? They do it to allow their customers to be aware of their products that may be expiring soon. For example, after Lioele repackages/redesigns a particular BB cream, all verified vendors should be now only selling that one to their customers. If another vendor is seen selling the older version at the same time that a newly packaged product hit the market, customers will be able to see that that particular vendor has the old packaged BB cream; therefore, they would be selling the non-approved product and is a non-verified seller of Lioele.

Not surprisingly enough, a fake-product manufacturer will typically produce a duplicated/replicated product over the course of 3-5 years on their own. Of course, they want to keep up with the real-world market, so of course they wouldn't continue to keep producing fake products. 

Tip: The next time you a purchase a Lioele product, you can check its authenticity by checking a particular date printed on the package. Most Korean cosmetic companies print only the manufactured date rather than the expiration date on their packages, this is a great way to figure it out. It may be a bit complicated to tell, but if you are a Lioele fan and want nothing but the best, keep in mind that Lioele's products are not as widely reproduced as many other Korean products.

Of course, you can determine the authenticity of a Lioele product by its overall quality of usage as well, especially those with highly rated reviews.  Perhaps, if you've had a terrible experience with a well-known 5-star rated Lioele product before and could not figure out why the product didn't work out for you, there could be chances that the product in your hand may not be what you think. You should draw up a red warning flag immediately and continue to look into the situation further. Once again, checking the date printed as the manufactured rather than expiration could be the next effective step.

As the CEO of Pretty&Cute, I feel strongly about this topic as I truly strive to bring in only authentic and high quality products directly from manufacturers overseas to all of my customers. I want to make sure that each and every person who comes by a Lioele or other top-favorite cosmetic brand gets their hands on something that is authentic and genuine because I feel that we all deserve to enjoy the true essence of these products and nothing less. 

<3, Janie
CEO of 
Lioele U.S based partner since 2010


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Time with Lioele Recommendations!

Fall time is a great time to bring back those neutral and natural colors. Time to tone down the Summer neons and bring back warm and sultry colors. Think of the fields of leaves you see outside that fall, the oranges and dark yellows and the deep greens they once were before they fell. Think of the pumpkin-spiced lattes that are brewed during the season at the coffee perks. Think of the ranges of browns that you see on a tree as it transitions itself into the Fall. Really, you can think of anything out in nature during the beautiful Autumn season. Let it inspire you to create that look onto yourself, whether it be your hair, makeup or nails!

Let Lioele inspire you with some great ideas. Polish those nails with shades of nature, especially the following shades. Don't these colors just shout out "Autumn"? A nail tip for the Fall is to keep them matte if possible, this creates an even more natural yet warm look for the entire season! Colors for the season: all shades of red, deep greens, deep mustard yellows, purples, greys and neutral colors.

Find these products by  Clicking Here


Here are the recommended eyeshadow shades: #23 Deep Brown, #28 Silky Orange #09 Addition Khaki, #03 Satin Gold, #15 Bourdeaux  Wine and #04 Modern Brown.

  • Just because neutrals are in doesn't mean you need to pack away those brighter coral tones away from the Summer! Use shimmery corals, pinks and peaches as an undertone/base color and apply the neutrals and warm shades on top. Use #03 and #28 to accentuate!  

  • Our favorite of the bunch for this particular season is the #15 Bourdeaux Wine! Believe it or not, but purples and deep wine shades are back in and are looking great as ever. Use this shade at the outer corner of your eyes while creating the "V". 

  • Army-greens and nature greens bring out the eyes no matter what color they are and gives the look a little twist, stepping aside from the usual black and grey smoky look.

  • Browns are always in but especially in the cooler seasons. It gives off a warm feeling and makes the eyes look more comforting and sweet as ever. Remember:  a brown smokey eye is definitely the way to go when you don't want to put on too much drama. The same rule applies to frequent black-eyeliner wearers!

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 This season, staying in the same shade genre is what it is all about. Polish your pout with deep reds and wine shades to emphasize. If you don't feel bold enough to rock colors on the deeper side of the rainbow, you can stick with deep pink lip balms or nudes! Take a look at our suggestions: 

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Perfect "Winged" Eyeliner Tips

The "winged" eyeliner look is a beauty trend that has been quite popular recently in 2012. All it really is, is the extension of the eyeliner on the upper eyelid. The winged look gives off a sophisticated twist to the regular eyeliner and lets you experiment with different looks. Winged liners can come in many types: thin, thick, long, short, etc! Here is a chart of some of the most common types:

Credit: Lillith of Soompi

"How do I create the "wing"? I don't have a steady hand to make them precise.. " --- Learn How Below! 

Here are our top 2 suggestions to create
 a 'wing' if you tend to have trouble free-handedly. 

This is probably the best tip to create a wing if you don't have a steady hand that can magically sweep across the eyelid to make one. 

  • 1) Start with a bare eye with no makeup. 

  • 2) Start with the bottom eyelid - from the middle, draw out a line towards your ear, going slightly past the outer corner of the eye. 

  • 3) Repeat the same step in step 1 on the upper eyelid and connect the two lines together. You should now have an empty triangle at the corner of your eye.

  • 4) Fill in the empty triangle with the eyeliner.  You now have a perfect wing! 


Use a sturdy notecard or business card about 2 inches long x 1 inch in height (a blank white one preferably for easier application) and trim out the shape of a small ocean wave, or whatever type of wing you prefer. For starters, we suggest creating a basic wing such as the one in the photo below. Trace it out first with a pencil at the bottom of the card, then trim out the outline. You will now be able to create the wing of your choice perfectly each time by holding the card above your eye. If you are unable to hold the card, use double sided tape to hold down the card gently on your eyelid. This method is great because it is reusable and precise every time. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Colored Mascara: Yay or Nay?

Rihanna Colored MascaraMaria Menounos Colored Mascara

Check out these lovely ladies, Rhianna and Maria Menuounos rocking electric blue mascara! We all know that a black-colored mascara is the most popular and the one most commonly used amongst makeup users. But have you ever thought about breaking out of the shell for a little and trying other colors? It may seem a little odd, we know. But colored mascara can give you a "pop" of color that no other kind of makeup can! Here we have narrowed it down to the top 3 colors of colored-mascara that is suitable for the most common colored-eyes that work together to compliment and accentuate your eyes. 

Shades of Blue: Awesome for brown and hazel eyes. Makes blue eyes bluer; keeps the rocker chick edge. Blue, especially navy, can also make the whites of the eyes appear whiter. 

  • Blue goes with blue, that's why those who are proudly sporting this natural eye color, should choose mascara in the same shade. The market offers a large range of shades from the electric blue to Peacock, Cobalt and even Turquoise. The infinite options will provide you with endless possibilities to pair the mascara color with the eyeshadow.

  • The overall blue eye effect will do miracles with your image. If you crave for stealing a show, complete your makeup with blue- eyeliner, eyeshadow and finally mascara. There's no limit in testing the different colors, more those who have brown or hazel eyes can also experiment with the blues, however it must be added that their top shade is not this one.

    Shades of Purple: Make gorgeous green, blue, or hazel eyes stand out even more. 

  • It might seem pretty surprising that a purple mascara can just as fabulously polish your makeup as a classy black or brown one. Indeed if creating the right combo the final result will be just as breath-taking. Perfect with blue eyes and also brown and hazel.

  • In order to look astonishing, still stylish use a brown eyeliner nd an eyeshadow that resembles the color of mascara or at least is part of the same family of tones. Move on a larger palette and try out from the deep wine to the amethyst, from the eggplant to the plum hues.

  • Additionally it is worth knowing that usually colored mascaras can't offer the same visual effect as the classy black and brown mascaras do. The reason is that these will attract the attention but not because of the texture they create but due to the colorful appearance. Whether you decide to apply it to both upper and lower lashes or only the lower ones the result will be just as stunning.

    Shades of Green: Beyond beautiful for the brown eyed babes and hazel eyed hotties, as well as dark green eyes, bringing out the green and gold flecks on the iris.  

  • The green tones can also look fabulous if pulled off with finesse. Those who have green eyes will enjoy its benefits on a large scale, since it will further boost the effect of their charming look. It is a wise idea to top your makeup with a refined eyeshadow preferably of oceanic tones.

  • Oyster and pearl colored ones dressed up with a silver eyeliner will definitely score. All you have to do is fix your makeup properly for the long-lasting effect. Brown and hazel eyes will look fantastic with this tiny detail.

  • TIP: Keep in mind that these colored mascaras are going to draw the attention to your lashes with the color, not necessarily the texture/volume/length like your classic black and brown mascaras will do. You may want to try layering them over your regular mascara or try using them over a mascara primer.

    Take a look at the Mascara selection at

    Friday, September 14, 2012

    How to Contour and Highlight

    The most important part of contouring is picking colors that match your skin tone.  You always want to choose shades of brown, not pinks or purples (or any other colors for that matter!).  Ideally, the contouring shade should be the color of your skin when your skin is tanned.  You will also need a highlighting shade that isn’t too light.  Contouring products come in creams and liquids, such as concealer or liquid highlighter, or in the form of powders, such as bronzers or highlighting powder.  Choose whichever product tends to work best with your skin.  You will also want to invest in brushes designed for the type of product you choose.


    You will want to contour the sides of your forehead and highlight the center.  This creates a slimmer forehead.  It is important to blend the contouring product into your hairline down the sides of your face to continue the slimming effect.

    To make your cheekbones appear more prominent, apply contour in the hollows of your cheeks.  Then highlight just accross the cheekbone.  Be sure to blend the products where they meet to create a seemless flow.

    For your eyes, apply highlighter underneath the eyes and contour in the crease of your eyes.  Then apply highlighter just under eyebrows.  This will make them appear bigger.  Follow the natural shape of your eyes.
    To make your nose appear longer and more even, apply contour down the sides of your nose.  It might be best to use an eyeshadow brush for this.  Then apply highlight along the top of your nose.  If you have a long nose, applying contour just under the tip can make it appear shorter.  Stay concise with your applications.

    If you have want to thin full lips, wear a dark shade all over with little to no shimmer.  To plump thinner lips, apply a light shade with gloss or shimmer.  Then highlight the between the peaks of the upper lip and below the bottom lip.  This will create a pouty look.


    If you want to make your jawline appear stronger, apply contour below your jawline all the way to your shirt.  Then highlight your jawbone.  If you want to make a strong jawline appear stronger, continue the contour along your jawline instead of highlighting it.

    Find suitable tools for this technique and more at

    Saturday, September 8, 2012

    Tutorial: Hello Kitty French Tips!

    How adorable are these nail designs? We love Hello Kitty and French Tips, and we definitely love them together! Best thing about it is that it is a very easy to create this look. 

    Let's get started!

    What You Will Need:
    • A Dotting Tool (Or a toothpick)
    • Nail Polish
      • Clear Top/Base Coat Nail Polish 
      • White Nail Polish
      • Black Nail Polish
      • Yellow Nail Polish
    • Fimo Stick Bow Find It Here for Only $1.20 for 80-100 pieces! 
    • Optional: Nail tapes or rounded stickers, Nail filer

    STEP 1
    Start off with cleaned, polish-free nails. Apply a clear base coat and let dry.

    STEP 2
    Keep the hand you are working on flat on a table, with the fingers pointing to the right. Use your white nail polish and go directly across (if you have squared nails) or at a slight curve without lifting the brush off your nail. Use the optional nail tapes or rounded stickers as a guide if desired. Fill in any sections you missed.

    STEP 3
    On your ring finger nail, take your dotting tool (or toothpick) and create two dots for the eyes on the white tip, dragging them a little bit to make a slight oval shaped eye as Hello Kitty's. Draw 3 whiskers on each side of the white tip. Do the same for a slightly oval nose in a yellow nail color.

    STEP 4 
    Place a thinly sliced fimo stick bow on the top left or right corner of the character's face and press down to lay it down on the nail as flat as possible while the nail polish is almost dried.

    STEP 5
    Apply a generous layer of clear top coat (especially on the ring fingers) on each nail and let dry. You're done!

    Have fun with your glamourous Hello Kitty French Tip manicure!

    Photo Credit: Chibinails, Luux, NailDesigns9

    Wednesday, September 5, 2012

    NEW Etude House Skin [Mal:Gem] Collection

    Full descriptions all in one place below
    so there is no need to search individually!

    First Type: Astringent

    1. FRESH (Oil Control – For Oily Skin)
    •  Controls excess sebum while providing enough moisture to keep the skin matte. 
    • Cleansing and astringent toner removes residual buildup and tightens pores without overdrying to prevent sebum secretion.
    2. SMOOTHER (Exfoliation – For Trouble Prone)
    • Fruit acids in green grape, exfoliate keratin on a skin clearly for keeping smooth and soft skin. 
    • Cleansing and astringent toner removes residual buildup and tightens pores to prevent acne and pimples.
    Second Type: Freshener

    3. MOIST (Moisture Care – For Dry Skin)
    • Includes Hyaluronic acid keep skin moist and promote skin's own moisture.
    • Moist freshener tonic removes residual buildup and replenishes moisture to promote softness and comfort. Applicable as moisturizer. 
    4. DEEP MOIST (Moisture Retention – For Dry and Sensitive Skin)
    • Highly nutrient skin to provide the skin with sufficient nutrients.
    • Moist freshener tonic removes residual buildup and penetrates deep within layers to soothe and protect skin. Applicable as moisturizer. 
    5. ESSENTIAL (Oil and Moisture Balance – For Combination Skin)
    • Give a moisture barrier to a skin by the cream being smoothly absorbed.
    • Freshener tonic removes residual buildup and maintains oil/moisture balance for comfort and uniform pore expression.
    Third Type: Moisturizer

    6. EMULSION (All in one Moisturizer + Essence + Cream)


    FRESH  A hypoallergenic toner that promotes clean and clear skin complexion. This oil control toner reduces sebum productions without over drying with bamboo extract. Bamboo extract nourishes and moisturizes the skin, while still maintaining a matte finish. Minimizes the appearance of pores by tightening and removing excess impurities. BENEFITS:
    Oil-Control, Moisturizing, Matte Finish, Tightens Pores, Hypoallergenic, Suitable for Oily Skin Types

    ESSENTIAL has two different layers for optimum results (Water & Oil). This hypoallergenic toner nourishes the skin will olive oil extract and moisturizes it effectively. Although moisturizing, it also has oil controlling properties with chamomile extracts that may also reduce acne troubles with anti-inflammatory component. Helps reduce appearance of pores with Orange Essential Oil, keeping 
    skin looking clear and healthy.

    Moisturizes, Nourishes, Oil Control, Reduces Pores, Hypoallergenic, Combination Skin Types

    MOIST is a hypoallergenic moisturizing toner for those with slightly dry skin. Contains Hyaluronic Acid, which plays an important role in our skin's ability to stay youthful. Without Hyaluronic Acid our skin would be dry and collagen would lose its elasticity. This highly moisturizing toner also contains pore control properties which minimizes their appearance. Soft and clear clean is easily achieved with this multifunctional toner.


    Moisturizes, Reduces Pores, Hypoallergenic, Softens, Normal to Dry Skin Types


    DEEP MOIST is a hypoallergenic toner for those with very dry skin. It’s milky like texture allows the moisturizing properties to penetrate so deep and effectively, that additional moisturizers are not needed. Soybean extracts nourish skin sufficiently, improving overall skin condition. While pore controlling properties make skin clear and smooth by reducing their appearance.


    Deep Moisturization, Reduces Pores, Nourishes, Hypoallergenic, Dry Skin Types


    SMOOTHER is an exfoliating toner that makes skin clear and smooth. Orange ingredient reduces appearance of pores and cleans out impurities effectively, by removing dead skin cells. Lemon extract makes dull skin look brighter and clearer while sugar maple promotes softer skin with moisturizing properties. BENEFITSMoisturizes, Cleans Pores, Reduces Pores, Exfoliate, Clears, Hypoallergenic, Normal Skin Types


    EMULSION is a 3-in-1 skin care products, a moisturizer, essence, and cream all in one. Its hypoallergenic formula provides a clear and pure complexion. Because of its thinner consistency to other moisturizers, it is able to penetrate deeper for a longer and more effective hydration. Its pore controlling properties will minimize pores, creating a clean complexion.

    Moisturizing, Retains MoisturePore Control3-in-1Hypoallergenic

    See this entire collection by clicking HERE!