Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Season of Giving: Pretty&Cute Holiday Donation!

In honor of the holiday season of giving, Pretty&Cute decided to make a great donation to the Asian Women Shelter of California for the holidays! We at Pretty&Cute know the importance of pampering oneself but we also understand how it can be difficult to be able to do so, so we wanted these women to receive $1,200 worth of free high-quality makeup and skincare products from Pretty&Cute! Here's to a brighter and merrier holiday season.

"The mission of Asian Women's Shelter (AWS) is to eliminate domestic violence by promoting the social, economic and political self-determination of women. AWS is committed to every person's right to live in a violence-free home, and has a specific focus towards addressing the cultural and language needs of immigrant, refugee, and U.S.-born Asian women and their children. This perspective is reflected in the organization's broad strategy, which integrates culturally competent and language-accessible shelter services, educational programs, and community-based advocacy." (http://www.sfaws.org)

Our staff believe that everyone is beautiful but for those who have trouble seeing it in themselves, it just takes a little to help them feel that they are. If you feel like you would like to donate and make a difference to these women as well, feel free to check out this link > http://www.sfaws.org/support-us/donate.aspx OR you can donate to another charity or organization of your choice!

Remember, the holidays are about giving. Big or small, physical gifts or emotional support, they all count and matter. What have you given this holiday?

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