Monday, April 25, 2011

Pretty&Cute's New Checkout Layout!

There are now five (5) simple steps:
1. Shopping bag - shop to your heart's desire!
2. Billing Information
3. Shipping Information
4. Payment Method
5. Confirm Your Order!

After you have added all of the items you desire to your shopping bag, you will proceed to this screen where you will simply enter your billing information (if you are a new customer.)

Next, after you click "continue", 
you will be asked if you would like to sign-up for "Subscription Billing".

Directly from our Terms & Conditions :
Q: What is "subscription billing"?
A: If you would like to receive the same order weekly, monthly, every 2 months or however long you prefer, choose subscription billing.This tends to be the case for customers who like to have a fresh supply after certain periods of time.

You will also be asked which carrier you would like to be serviced from: USPS or FedEx.
Following, you will be led to this screen, the Payment Method step:

Once the Payment Method step is completed, you are now ready to submit your order! Click the "Submit My Order" button after you have made sure all of the information provided is correct!
We hope this new format will allow easier and more convenient shopping experience for you. 
Let us know what you think! Happy shopping! 

<3 Pretty&Cute

Friday, April 22, 2011

Special Ingredient in Lioele's Bubble Body Scrub

Feel clean, relaxed and energized every time you get out of your bathtub!  This body scrub contains natural botanical ingredients that can gently remove dead cells to give provide oxygen to flow while it smooths your skin and effectively cleanses and exfoliates away dirt, oil and harmful substances. This revolutionary scrub is both a scrub and cleanser.  But what makes Lioele's Bubble Body Scrub so special? The answer is: it also contains caffeine, a well known ingredient for reducing cellulite and creating a slimming body line. It does not matter if you are young or old, using this body scrub will help to prevent cellulite from exposing onto your skin. Lioele's Bubble Body Scrub comes in a sweet citrus orange scent.

Relax yourself, you deserve it!
Start here: Lioele Bubble Body Scrub

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pretty&Cute's Week #2 Random Question Giveaway

If you didn't hear, we have recently began doing weekly giveaways every Wednesday night between 4pm-7pm (PST) through our Facebook fan page! (Link provided at very bottom.) All you have to do is be a "fan" of our page, check for the question post between these times and submit your answer onto the post by the 7pm deadline. Winner and gift announced at the end of the
Week #2 Giveaway on April 13, 2011 was one that made the Pretty&Cute staff realize what wonderful fans we have. The random question of the week was:
"What's the kindest act you have ever seen done either to you,by you or someone else? "
We received over 160 responses within 3 hours. We would like to share some to the rest of the Pretty&Cute staff to inspire everyone to continue to do great things. All of the responses were great and here are just a few of them! To view all of the responses, view the link at the bottom.

Mindy H. Park  
Wow. I really love this question! When I was going through a really tough time a few years ago, someone told me to never give up. That comment really changed my life in some way and I still never forget that moment. Although it was a simple comment, it really meant so much to me. :)
Jennifer 'Ritz'
While on the bus, there was an old lady who needed help getting her walker off at her stop. (The bus was too high and could not be lowered any more.) Without even being asked, a little boy around the age of 8, ran over and helped her off the bus. Although this was a very small gesture, I thought it was incredibly heartwarming because the boy had such pure intentions. Children are our future and that simple act showed how positivity and generosity can be taught at such a young age

Emma Nguyen
My dad saw an old lady fall over on the sidewalk, but no one would help her. So he parked his car and went over and helped her get up :)
Connie Hae Jin Cho
A few years ago, I was trying to raise money to go on a trip to Romania with a church group, so we could volunteer at a baby orphanage for a month. There are so many babies at those orphanages that many of the babies pass away, not because of lack of food... but because many of the babies aren't ever held or hugged in their life. I never knew that lack of touch could cause a 1 year old baby to just "give up". The trip cost A LOT, and I was having difficulties raising the amount needed. Well one day, my mom had gone to the bank to do something, but I stayed in the car waiting for her....well she ended up talking to the teller about my trip... and apparently a woman was listening in on the conversation. Obviously I didn't know this...but here I am sitting in the car and this random lady knocks on the window and hands me a check with $100 dollars. She asked me if I was the "girl" going to Romania ...and said the money was for my trip...I was just amazed that a complete stranger had the compassion to do something like that. It's wonderful to know that there are ppl like that in the world. ♥
Tonia Vu
The story of the kindest acts I've seen done, started with kindness but also with pain. Technically, it's more than 1 act, but I think what I've seen this week is so interesting & moving that I'll just say what I saw. So this week for my school is "Anti-Bullying Week". For a while we've being going around school seeing random pictures of superheros, without getting an explanation for it. Well, this week we finally found out what was trying to be said. When I came in this week, paper was everywhere. They were shaped in the "superman" symbol's shape and had names on them. We were told that EVERYONE'S name was there. The interesting thing is that my highschool is called an "education park", so there are actually 3 highschool in 1 campus. Paper wasn't just in 1 school, IT WAS IN ALL THREE. Thinking about it, it's truly amazing that they went that far for this cause. Everywhere there were banners saying "YOU BE A HERO". The thing is, many people get bullied, but many people also watch them get bullied. It's hard to get through to the bullies and even the victims themselves, but what about the observers? We can do something, we should so something, we should be heroes to others and stand up for those who are being attacked. Now this week, today was also a special week for art; today was "Duchamp Day". Inspired by Duchamp and his idea that art can be anything and should be something with meaning, that speaks and connects to you, today we put up our own art to see how others would react/interact with them. One project was one where there were giant pieces of paper with markers nearby and the words "HOW HAVE THEY HURT YOU?". It was open to the public to write whatever they thought would answer the question and all of the answers were very moving and sad. There were things such as "he cheated on me", "she cheated on me with my bestfriend", "My mom's a crack addict", "They tell me I'm worthless EVERYDAY" and even "he raped me". It became one of the largest attractions today. People saw other people's hurt and wrote theirs too. We all became connected and the words along the ceiling were true; "You are not alone". I saw people writing sad things and others reaching out and writing kind things like "I'm sorry"& "I agree". What's really beautiful is how a such a big school like ours, could come TOGETHER like this. This week, I think we've really connected with each other and have come to the realization that we need to reach out to each other and spread kindness. Even if is just a little bit such as writing "Awww :(", we can make a difference by reaching out to others. Life is about hurt, but life is also about love and... to anyone feeling down right now, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. ♥

To see the rest of the wonderful responses, visit: Week #2 Giveaway Question Post
Join us Wednesday nights between 4:00-7:00PM (PST) for your chance to win the gift of the week! "Like" us here: Pretty&Cute Facebook Fan Page

Introducing Jess & Lioele Blooming Gloss Review

Hi Everyone :) 

I just wanted to introduce myself! I'm Jess and I'm a new addition to the Pretty&Cute team!! I'll be doing some posts of reviews, tutorials and other fun things on the P&C blog and on their new youtube channel, prettyandcutetv! (If you haven't subbed yet, go check it out!!) I also have my own blog and youtube channel (most people know me as 'jessicalee422' haha) where I feature beauty related goodness! The links will be down available on this post if you want to check me out! 

Thanks for coming by and I hope you will enjoy my posts/videos as much as I enjoy Pretty&Cute! 
Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for me :) 

Now onto the review....

The Lioele Blooming Glosses have become some of my ALL TIME favorite glosses. I am queen of collecting glosses because I get googly-eyed over all the pretty colors, but for the first time, I've fallen in love with every aspect of this gloss! I purchased one of these glosses last year, then at christmastime and now a couple weeks ago.  This is maybe actually the first I'm nearly FINISHED with a lip gloss, I cannot stop myself from coming back!! 

Here are the two glosses that I own: Cream Orange (top) and Vanilla Pink (bottom. This one is also my all time favorite gloss). As you can tell, the packaging is adorable! I think I can safely say that Lioele has some of the most girly, cute packaging there is! Not only is this extremely durable (I've dropped it many times...), but it is incredibly lightweight.

Many of the color varieties they offer are very 'baby' colored colors, with a couple of deeper shades. Pretty&Cute offer it in the following colors:

#1 Orange Sherbet
#2 Flower Pink
#3 Cherry Red
#4 Cream Orange
#5 Vanilla Pink
#6 Baby Pink
#7 Gold Beige
#8 Latte Brown
#9 Shining Purple
#10 Lovely Twoway

 The applicator is quite unique- it is a doe foot applicator with a twist. It's extra long, wide and slanted. I think I prefer this type of tip because it allows for maximum coverage when you swipe it onto your lips! This is also a helpful applicator because when you are starting to finish up your gloss, the slanted applicator is good at reaching at the sides.

Here are the swatches of vanilla pink (top) and the cream orange (bottom). Please don't mind my extremely dry hands. I'm a teacher and I wash my hands very frequently haha :)

About the Gloss: 

Coverage: I would say that the coverage is very sheer. It's a nice gloss that provides minimal coverage. It has more of a glossy tint effect. If you are a person that loves incredibly opaque lip glosses, these are probably not the right kind of glosses for you (or you can put a lipstick under it).

Texture: The texture of the gloss can feel a little bit sticky (not sticky like the Mac glosses, but a bit more sticky than NYX round glosses), but the special thing about this gloss is that it is not thick. Because of this unique formula, the stickiness is not very noticeable. I for one believe that the gloss feels really comfortable on my lips without feeling too heavy or too sticky.

Wear: These glosses, like any glosses only has a couple hours of wear. It wore on my lips for about 3-4 hours before it started to wear thin. I found myself constantly reapplying, but I don't think I've had a gloss last on my lips longer than 5 hours unless it was a long wear one or an extra sticky one.

Smell: WOW!!!! Did any of you guys used to eat FLOWER KISS candies when you were a kid?? It has the EXACT smell of that. It has a light floral peachy smell that is so delicious and pleasant, it has you WANTING to put on the gloss more for the smell than for the gloss itself! (lol) I think out of everything this gloss has to offer, the smell by far takes the cake!

Moisture: These lip glosses are also incredibly moisturizing. I don't notice it when I put it on, but after the lip gloss has faded, I can tell that my lips feel a little bit more plump and hydrated. Occasionally, lip glosses will dry out my lips and make my dead flakes come alive (ew), but I can actually feel the moisture soaking into my lips, which is a nice perk. I mean, I wouldn't use this in place of a lip balm nor does it moisturize like one, but as a gloss, it's extremely surprising that it has these kind of effects.

Here are some swatches on lips of the gloss with ONLY the gloss on top of the lips

As you can see, it has very sheer coverage. It provides just a tint of color.

You can't tell in these photos because I have terrible photo taking skills, but it is INCREDIBLY shiny and glossy!! (And the vanilla pink has a hint of sparkle)

Here are swatches with some concealer on top of the lips prior to putting on the gloss (the same effect if you were to put lipstick on).

As you can see, the colors of the glosses really stand out and provide a more true to color color. Because of the sheerness of the glosses, when applied on top of a light color, this is where the glosses really shine!

My favorite way of wearing these glosses is on top of Mac's Viva Glam Gaga II or when I finish putting on concealer all over my face, I add some extra concealer on my lips to provide a nice base for the glosses.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first review here on the Pretty&Cute blog! This product was one of the first products I've ever purchased from them and am still diligently buying them! They are currently on sale for $12 (Originally $15), so pick yours up today! You can purchase them here :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lioele V-Shape Waterdrop Sleeping Pack

There are many Lioele products that are worth talking about, but the V-line Waterdrop Sleeping pack is too good of a product to be kept quiet about.  Once in awhile I would come across a product that is so amazing, I can't wait to tell someone.  I been using this product for almost three months now, and have recommended this to a lot of my customers. Every single person who've used the gel has nothing but good things to say about it.

I recently had a long conversation with a customer of mine about her favorite products from Pretty&Cute. The first thing she said was the Lioele V-line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack. She said she was so happy she got it because she almost passed it up because no one had reviewed it yet. That made me realize I never officially reviewed this product. I asked myself, why haven't I've done this sooner? There has to be dozens of people I've recommended this to, and it is so dumb of me not to have this written down on a blog for people who are considering this product and want to know more about it.

So here I am, typing away on why I am writing a review for this product today. To really break down why I really like this product, I have written down the noticeable benefits.

1. Non Greasy 
Unlike all the other night time moisturizer I've used, The Lioele V-line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack is oil free. It is a water based night gel which is designed to increase moisture without the heavy cream.

2. Fast absorbing 
It is fast absorbing, allowing product to soak in almost immediately without having to worry about product being transferred onto a pillow case.

3. Instantly brightens skin
Noticeably brightens skin almost immediately after it has been applied.  The gel gave my face a healthy glow, almost like I fed my skin water after starving it from water for a long time.

4. Moisturizing wrap to keep moisture in
The gel locks in moisture allowing slower absorbing products to get absorbed into the skin. The Lioele V-line Waterdrop Pack is the last product i put on my face. It creates a moisture wrap and bundles all the cream i previously put on to stay on my face and not accidently wiped off on my pillow.

5. Calming of the skin
Cool gel sensation to calm and soothe the skin, relaxing it from everyday stress. Skin feels exceptionally soft as gel does it's work through out the night.

6. Reduce swelling of the face and promote a more prominent face shape
prevent facial bloating by hydrating the face and with firming properties to keep skin firm and tight.
120ml of of product

Squeeze tube application

Gel form application

Smooth non-greasy application

Light raindrop aroma  made experience relaxing and spa liked. 

Water drop cooling

Infusing moisture back into skin

Heal and Moisturize damage skin

Brighten skin texture filling in fine lines

Instantly soften skin for with a moisture seal finish

Hand on the left with Lioele V-line Waterdrop sleep pack, and the right hand has no product on

You can see the hand on the left is much brighter and less lines

A closer look of two hands where the hand on the right is a little darker with more noticeable lines