Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Makeup: How to Make it Last Through the Night

Going out this weekend or have a special event to attend in the near future? As girls, we all can agree that one of the worst things that can happen is looking or feeling like a hot mess! Make sure your look stays in tact all night and be confident that you'll look fabulous in photos with these beauty tips:

During Prep...

1) Foundation Primer - The first step after moisturizing is to apply a primer that works with your skin type. What a primer does is a few things which are all essentials for going out: it keeps your makeup on, it smooths out any fine lines and wrinkles for a flawless canvas and has the ability to absorb any excess oils or even provide moisture in areas needed. This will be one of the top essentials for your special night out or event you're attending!

2) Eyeliner - this tip is most useful for those who use gel eyeliners but will work with any kind of eyeliner. For long lasting, pigmented color when it comes to lining your eyes the trick is simple - apply a thin layer of a cream eyeshadow on the lid. Use colors of your choice as your eyeshadow look or use a nude/white for a sweet shimmer

3) Moisturizing Lips
Keep those lips kissable and the color on them long lasting for hours without cracking and crumbling by simply applying your favorite lip balm first underneath any kind of lip color product you will be using such as lipstick or lip gloss. Your lips will feel free and not so stiff as if you were to just apply color alone. You'll feel the difference, trust us!

Finishing Touches/ Tips Through the Festivities 

1) Eyebrow Finisher
Using an eyebrow product that comes on a mascara wand is such an awesome tool. Not only does it keep the hairs in place throughout the night but it seals in the color and products used before it. If you use a tinted eyebrow mascara, the color will seal any missing hairs that might have been missed and create the most polished look.

2) Finisher Spray 
Now to really make sure your makeup stays put and stays fresh all night, try a makeup finishing spray. Use it after you have finished applying makeup to seal in your look immediately and bring it with you while you are out to give yourself a refreshing moment of rejuvenation as it provides you with gentle breeze of moisture. Find makeup sprays in several types including those specialized for dry or oily skin.

3) Blotting Papers 
Perfect if you have oily skin. Get rid of the excess and unnecessary shine that can become the unwanted highlight of a photo whenever you need to with these papers. Keep a pack with you and use whenever you feel the need to touch up your look. 

And so now you know! During your next outing, remember these steps to keep your look beautiful and long-lasting and of course, to ensure a fabulous and unforgettable night out with your loved ones.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stick-Straight, Lifeless Lashes?

Short, straight, frustrating lashes? No worries. 

If you have lashes that tend to be stick-straight and on the shorter end - you know how frustrating it can be when it comes to finding a mascara that works for you. This is why we'd like to introduce the all new Skin79 Kick It Side Hedwig Lash Mascara which makes what you thought was impossible into reality.

We'd like to introduce firstly, the Kick It Side Poseidon Lash Mascara. This mascara has an ultra black color that expresses bold eyelashes with deep, rich pigment. What's even better? The brush that comes with it - with a slight S-shaped curve that perfectly fits with the lash line. Its bristles neatly curl and lift up short lashes for a boost. 

This mascara is both waterproof and smudge proof so you can enjoy your day, worry-free!

No image editing or fooling around here! 

The second mascara in this collection is the Kick It Side Hedwig Lash Mascara. Using a similar formula as its mascara-cousin, Poseidon, this mascara is capable of also providing you with curled, deep pigmented black and full lashes for long periods of time. The difference between this mascara and Poseidon is the brush shape included in the tube. This mascara's brush has a flat bottom section and a slightly curved opposite section. This allows for it to really grip onto each of the hairs to give your lashes the best boost from root to tip. 

Now that you know, what else are you waiting for? Transform straight, short and dull lashes to voluminous and full looking lashes now! This amazing formula won't do you wrong and with two customized brush designs, you'll be sure to find your ideal lashes with one or the other.

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's the Perfect Time to Take Advantage of our Refer a Friend Program

We receive several e-mails from our customers requesting a permalink for the refer-a-friend program. Our program offers 50% of their friend's purchase in reward points for everyone who refers a friend. If your friend makes a second or even third purchase, you will gain 50% of the reward points from his/her total purchase. 

We are reminding our customers of this program in honor of our SEMI ANNUAL SALE being hosted now through August 13 because there is no better time than now to earn those extra reward points! Both you and your friend will benefit and grab the goodies you love. 

Pretty&Cute offers permalinks to customers. However, with our current system, the permalink is not visibly displayed . I have spoken with our developers about this issue. In time, we will work this into our system and make it easily to navigate around.  Here is a simple tutorial on how to obtain your permalink with our current system:

Step 1
Login to your Pretty&Cute account. 
This will bring you to "My Account" section.
Once you're there, click on the link "Refer friends."

A window will pop up with text fields for you to insert your "friend's email address" and a message. Enter your own e-mail address in its place, do not enter in your friend's email address.
This will allow our system to send you an e-mail with your permalink in it.

Within the e-mail there is a link to the website. 
That is your permalink for the referral program.
The e-mail should look like this:

Click on the link. This will take you to If you look on the address bar, you will see it has the words "referral_ID" with your customer number behind it. In this example, the customer number is "437". This is how we keep track of your referrals. 

With this link you can refer us to your friends however you would like.
Link it to our banner and post it on your blog, YouTube channel or any other social network of your choice. Just replace the highlighted link to your own Identification link.

This is what the banner would look like if you put it on your blog. Whenever someone clicks on the banner and makes a purchase, you will be able to view your points in "My Account" section on

You can use the link on

You can use it on

Or you can shorten the link to and track your link clicks.

From you get a detail statistics on your link count.