Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stick-Straight, Lifeless Lashes?

Short, straight, frustrating lashes? No worries. 

If you have lashes that tend to be stick-straight and on the shorter end - you know how frustrating it can be when it comes to finding a mascara that works for you. This is why we'd like to introduce the all new Skin79 Kick It Side Hedwig Lash Mascara which makes what you thought was impossible into reality. 


We'd like to introduce firstly, the Kick It Side Poseidon Lash Mascara. This mascara has an ultra black color that expresses bold eyelashes with deep, rich pigment. What's even better? The brush that comes with it - with a slight S-shaped curve that perfectly fits with the lash line. Its bristles neatly curl and lift up short lashes for a boost. 

This mascara is both waterproof and smudge proof so you can enjoy your day, worry-free!

No image editing or fooling around here! 

The second mascara in this collection is the Kick It Side Hedwig Lash Mascara. Using a similar formula as its mascara-cousin, Poseidon, this mascara is capable of also providing you with curled, deep pigmented black and full lashes for long periods of time. The difference between this mascara and Poseidon is the brush shape included in the tube. This mascara's brush has a flat bottom section and a slightly curved opposite section. This allows for it to really grip onto each of the hairs to give your lashes the best boost from root to tip. 

Now that you know, what else are you waiting for? Transform straight, short and dull lashes to voluminous and full looking lashes now! This amazing formula won't do you wrong and with two customized brush designs, you'll be sure to find your ideal lashes with one or the other.

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