Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's the Perfect Time to Take Advantage of our Refer a Friend Program

We receive several e-mails from our customers requesting a permalink for the refer-a-friend program. Our program offers 50% of their friend's purchase in reward points for everyone who refers a friend. If your friend makes a second or even third purchase, you will gain 50% of the reward points from his/her total purchase. 

We are reminding our customers of this program in honor of our SEMI ANNUAL SALE being hosted now through August 13 because there is no better time than now to earn those extra reward points! Both you and your friend will benefit and grab the goodies you love. 

Pretty&Cute offers permalinks to customers. However, with our current system, the permalink is not visibly displayed . I have spoken with our developers about this issue. In time, we will work this into our system and make it easily to navigate around.  Here is a simple tutorial on how to obtain your permalink with our current system:

Step 1
Login to your Pretty&Cute account. 
This will bring you to "My Account" section.
Once you're there, click on the link "Refer friends."

A window will pop up with text fields for you to insert your "friend's email address" and a message. Enter your own e-mail address in its place, do not enter in your friend's email address.
This will allow our system to send you an e-mail with your permalink in it.

Within the e-mail there is a link to the website. 
That is your permalink for the referral program.
The e-mail should look like this:

Click on the link. This will take you to If you look on the address bar, you will see it has the words "referral_ID" with your customer number behind it. In this example, the customer number is "437". This is how we keep track of your referrals. 

With this link you can refer us to your friends however you would like.
Link it to our banner and post it on your blog, YouTube channel or any other social network of your choice. Just replace the highlighted link to your own Identification link.

This is what the banner would look like if you put it on your blog. Whenever someone clicks on the banner and makes a purchase, you will be able to view your points in "My Account" section on

You can use the link on

You can use it on

Or you can shorten the link to and track your link clicks.

From you get a detail statistics on your link count.


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