Monday, July 22, 2013

Top 5 Fun & Unique Nail Polishes

If you are tired of solid polishes and want to give something new and unique a spin, take a read:

1. Shatter

Designs are more fun when they are abstract, don't ya say? What's great about this effect is that you get to use your favorite color as your base! The only thing you need to do after it dries is to apply thin layer of Shatter over the base color and watch the magic happen! The formula begins to separate and create a unique cracked/shattered look.

 2. Matte Top Coat
Just because it doesn't shine doesn't mean it isn't divine! A matte coat can make your nails look elegant and bold without going too overboard. With a top coat like this, you will be sure to get some double takes as you show off those nails. 

3. Color Changing 

How fun is this? This is a nail polish that actually changes color according to your own body's chemistry. A fun way to play with this is to watch how the colors change when you run your fingers
through warm and cold water. The colors change immediately! When cooler, the colors are darker of the two and when the body is warmer, the color will be a lighter shade. All of these polishes are available in complimenting shades.

4. Gradation Effect
Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails come in a set of three polishes to create a cocktailed inspired nail look. Each set is named after the type of drink they are representing in a mix of intoxicating colors, which can be enjoyed for any occasion. The drinks are creatively reflected in three layers; the first two express the different densities in liquids and the last shade expresses a sugary frosted rim for your nail tip.

5. Nail Art
Nail polish in a pen form! It doesn't get better than this. Now you can draw on any designs your heart desires onto your nails at ease. Dab and create polka dots, pull to draw lines or get creative and draw away! This particular pen is available in 4 great shades, perfect to add a little pizzazz to any kind of nail design!

Which is your favorite? Which will you be trying next? 

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