Monday, April 25, 2011

Pretty&Cute's New Checkout Layout!

There are now five (5) simple steps:
1. Shopping bag - shop to your heart's desire!
2. Billing Information
3. Shipping Information
4. Payment Method
5. Confirm Your Order!

After you have added all of the items you desire to your shopping bag, you will proceed to this screen where you will simply enter your billing information (if you are a new customer.)

Next, after you click "continue", 
you will be asked if you would like to sign-up for "Subscription Billing".

Directly from our Terms & Conditions :
Q: What is "subscription billing"?
A: If you would like to receive the same order weekly, monthly, every 2 months or however long you prefer, choose subscription billing.This tends to be the case for customers who like to have a fresh supply after certain periods of time.

You will also be asked which carrier you would like to be serviced from: USPS or FedEx.
Following, you will be led to this screen, the Payment Method step:

Once the Payment Method step is completed, you are now ready to submit your order! Click the "Submit My Order" button after you have made sure all of the information provided is correct!
We hope this new format will allow easier and more convenient shopping experience for you. 
Let us know what you think! Happy shopping! 

<3 Pretty&Cute

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