Friday, May 6, 2011

OPI Shatter Edition: What Makes These Polishes So Special?


Are you tired of plain solid-colored nail polishes on your nails? Do you constantly try to come up with new nail designs but seem to always use the same over and over? If you answered yes to both questions, we would highly recommend  OPI's Shatter Edition nail polishes. This is one of the new hottest trends today when it comes to nail designing, nail art and it is simply fun and so easy to use!

"The colors look like plain solid colors, what's so special about them?"  The answer is: these polishes are the new revolutionary polishes with a "shatter-ing" effect on your nails. Basically, they are not solid colors when painted onto your nails as they may seem when looking at the bottle. "Really? So how do they work?" - all you have to do is apply any solid color of your choice (regular nail polish), then apply OPI's Shatter Edition polish over it. Then, just watch the magic happen with your very eyes. The polish begins to take effect immediately when in contact with your nails and takes only a few seconds for the effect to complete. Apply a clear top coat over for long-lasting results.

Get your hands on some for your friends and yourself! 
 Order Now - Hurry, limited quantity!

Still not sure how this works? 
Check out this video to see the effect take place in real time!


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