Saturday, September 15, 2012

Colored Mascara: Yay or Nay?

Rihanna Colored MascaraMaria Menounos Colored Mascara

Check out these lovely ladies, Rhianna and Maria Menuounos rocking electric blue mascara! We all know that a black-colored mascara is the most popular and the one most commonly used amongst makeup users. But have you ever thought about breaking out of the shell for a little and trying other colors? It may seem a little odd, we know. But colored mascara can give you a "pop" of color that no other kind of makeup can! Here we have narrowed it down to the top 3 colors of colored-mascara that is suitable for the most common colored-eyes that work together to compliment and accentuate your eyes. 

Shades of Blue: Awesome for brown and hazel eyes. Makes blue eyes bluer; keeps the rocker chick edge. Blue, especially navy, can also make the whites of the eyes appear whiter. 

  • Blue goes with blue, that's why those who are proudly sporting this natural eye color, should choose mascara in the same shade. The market offers a large range of shades from the electric blue to Peacock, Cobalt and even Turquoise. The infinite options will provide you with endless possibilities to pair the mascara color with the eyeshadow.

  • The overall blue eye effect will do miracles with your image. If you crave for stealing a show, complete your makeup with blue- eyeliner, eyeshadow and finally mascara. There's no limit in testing the different colors, more those who have brown or hazel eyes can also experiment with the blues, however it must be added that their top shade is not this one.

    Shades of Purple: Make gorgeous green, blue, or hazel eyes stand out even more. 

  • It might seem pretty surprising that a purple mascara can just as fabulously polish your makeup as a classy black or brown one. Indeed if creating the right combo the final result will be just as breath-taking. Perfect with blue eyes and also brown and hazel.

  • In order to look astonishing, still stylish use a brown eyeliner nd an eyeshadow that resembles the color of mascara or at least is part of the same family of tones. Move on a larger palette and try out from the deep wine to the amethyst, from the eggplant to the plum hues.

  • Additionally it is worth knowing that usually colored mascaras can't offer the same visual effect as the classy black and brown mascaras do. The reason is that these will attract the attention but not because of the texture they create but due to the colorful appearance. Whether you decide to apply it to both upper and lower lashes or only the lower ones the result will be just as stunning.

    Shades of Green: Beyond beautiful for the brown eyed babes and hazel eyed hotties, as well as dark green eyes, bringing out the green and gold flecks on the iris.  

  • The green tones can also look fabulous if pulled off with finesse. Those who have green eyes will enjoy its benefits on a large scale, since it will further boost the effect of their charming look. It is a wise idea to top your makeup with a refined eyeshadow preferably of oceanic tones.

  • Oyster and pearl colored ones dressed up with a silver eyeliner will definitely score. All you have to do is fix your makeup properly for the long-lasting effect. Brown and hazel eyes will look fantastic with this tiny detail.

  • TIP: Keep in mind that these colored mascaras are going to draw the attention to your lashes with the color, not necessarily the texture/volume/length like your classic black and brown mascaras will do. You may want to try layering them over your regular mascara or try using them over a mascara primer.

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    1. Yay.. I like the purple one.. but I don't know if I'd be daring enough to try the rest!

    2. I love colored mascara!I like to wear green one :) That's actually the only color I found...I would very much like to try purple one !