Friday, September 21, 2012

Perfect "Winged" Eyeliner Tips

The "winged" eyeliner look is a beauty trend that has been quite popular recently in 2012. All it really is, is the extension of the eyeliner on the upper eyelid. The winged look gives off a sophisticated twist to the regular eyeliner and lets you experiment with different looks. Winged liners can come in many types: thin, thick, long, short, etc! Here is a chart of some of the most common types:

Credit: Lillith of Soompi

"How do I create the "wing"? I don't have a steady hand to make them precise.. " --- Learn How Below! 

Here are our top 2 suggestions to create
 a 'wing' if you tend to have trouble free-handedly. 

This is probably the best tip to create a wing if you don't have a steady hand that can magically sweep across the eyelid to make one. 

  • 1) Start with a bare eye with no makeup. 

  • 2) Start with the bottom eyelid - from the middle, draw out a line towards your ear, going slightly past the outer corner of the eye. 

  • 3) Repeat the same step in step 1 on the upper eyelid and connect the two lines together. You should now have an empty triangle at the corner of your eye.

  • 4) Fill in the empty triangle with the eyeliner.  You now have a perfect wing! 


Use a sturdy notecard or business card about 2 inches long x 1 inch in height (a blank white one preferably for easier application) and trim out the shape of a small ocean wave, or whatever type of wing you prefer. For starters, we suggest creating a basic wing such as the one in the photo below. Trace it out first with a pencil at the bottom of the card, then trim out the outline. You will now be able to create the wing of your choice perfectly each time by holding the card above your eye. If you are unable to hold the card, use double sided tape to hold down the card gently on your eyelid. This method is great because it is reusable and precise every time. 

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