Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Time with Lioele Recommendations!

Fall time is a great time to bring back those neutral and natural colors. Time to tone down the Summer neons and bring back warm and sultry colors. Think of the fields of leaves you see outside that fall, the oranges and dark yellows and the deep greens they once were before they fell. Think of the pumpkin-spiced lattes that are brewed during the season at the coffee perks. Think of the ranges of browns that you see on a tree as it transitions itself into the Fall. Really, you can think of anything out in nature during the beautiful Autumn season. Let it inspire you to create that look onto yourself, whether it be your hair, makeup or nails!

Let Lioele inspire you with some great ideas. Polish those nails with shades of nature, especially the following shades. Don't these colors just shout out "Autumn"? A nail tip for the Fall is to keep them matte if possible, this creates an even more natural yet warm look for the entire season! Colors for the season: all shades of red, deep greens, deep mustard yellows, purples, greys and neutral colors.

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Here are the recommended eyeshadow shades: #23 Deep Brown, #28 Silky Orange #09 Addition Khaki, #03 Satin Gold, #15 Bourdeaux  Wine and #04 Modern Brown.

  • Just because neutrals are in doesn't mean you need to pack away those brighter coral tones away from the Summer! Use shimmery corals, pinks and peaches as an undertone/base color and apply the neutrals and warm shades on top. Use #03 and #28 to accentuate!  

  • Our favorite of the bunch for this particular season is the #15 Bourdeaux Wine! Believe it or not, but purples and deep wine shades are back in and are looking great as ever. Use this shade at the outer corner of your eyes while creating the "V". 

  • Army-greens and nature greens bring out the eyes no matter what color they are and gives the look a little twist, stepping aside from the usual black and grey smoky look.

  • Browns are always in but especially in the cooler seasons. It gives off a warm feeling and makes the eyes look more comforting and sweet as ever. Remember:  a brown smokey eye is definitely the way to go when you don't want to put on too much drama. The same rule applies to frequent black-eyeliner wearers!

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 This season, staying in the same shade genre is what it is all about. Polish your pout with deep reds and wine shades to emphasize. If you don't feel bold enough to rock colors on the deeper side of the rainbow, you can stick with deep pink lip balms or nudes! Take a look at our suggestions: 

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