Thursday, May 23, 2013

All about BB & CC Creams

Heard the latest in cosmetics lately?  This post will focus on the latest in cosmetics and one of its newest additions, the "CC Cream". For those who are scratching their heads and thinking, "wait, what? You mean BB Cream right?", give us a moment to explain. It can get a little confusing, we know!

What's the difference between the CC Cream and the beloved BB Cream? 

To start, "CC" in this sense stands for "color-correcting". A CC Cream's key function along side of providing great coverage is to address issues such as redness, sallowness of skin and uneven skin tone.

BB Creams, which stands for "blemish balm" are "like" foundations with several benefits and specific functions for the skin such as whitening, brightening, anti-wrinkle properties, SPF protection, etc. while covering undesired blemishes. 

Additionally, CC Creams tend to start off at a very light shade even white then adjust to your skin tone to best match it after it is blended in. Depending on the BB Cream you use, most BB Creams remain the shade in the bottle but some can oxidize after application once again to best suit your skin tone.

Does this mean I need to switch over to a CC Cream?

No, not necessarily. A CC Cream is not necessarily an "updated version" of a BB Cream either, if that is what you are thinking. It was simply designed to really work with those with uneven skin and skin tone while providing the skin with mild coverage. Since it focuses more in tone correcting, a smaller amount is needed for application in comparison to BB Cream which is mainly used for covering. Overall, both BB and CC creams both provide an improved look to the skin after continuous use such as whitening and brightening properties, but have slightly different functions. 

What's the difference between Asian BB/CC Creams and American BB/CC Creams I'm seeing in drugstores?

Of course, we can't say for every CC Cream on the market. However, we can say that after lots of testing of CC Creams, we know that Asian CC Creams tend to have more benefits for the skin and stay true to the functions that they state they will serve. A typical Asian BB Cream will typically include the following properties: whitening/brightening, SPF protection, anti-wrinkle, moisturizes and/or oil-absorbing and stay true to the statement. 

How do I know if a BB or CC Cream is right for me?

If you have generally smooth skin and only want to cover blemishes for a flawless look or want more coverage in general, go with a BB Cream. There are many aspects you also need to consider in selecting your ideal BB Cream including your MAC skin tone shade, the skin type and preferences you wish in your BB cream. If you need more help in smoothing and evening out your skin/tone, go with a CC Cream. You can think of a CC Cream as more of a 'correcting primer' or a cosmetic item with skin treatment benefits and could require a bit more to cover darker areas. Most CC Creams tend to be more suitable for all skin types as well. 

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