Sunday, July 22, 2012

The FULLER Lip Effect

Let's start with the first step. Make sure your lips are clean, oil-free and product-free. The first step is to simply take a concealer or even an eyeshadow stick that matches your skin tone and gently outline your lip area. Be sure not to make the line too thick, or else the illusion will look obvious! 

Now we're ready for the next part. After your lips have been outlined, gently smudge the outline with the pad of your index finger. Be sure to smudge it outwards or only along the outline, not into your lips. This will make the outline look less harsh and visible.

Lastly, you can now fill in your lips with your favorite lip color. Using a matte lip balm or lipstick will do the best job when it comes to this illusion because the solid look will look more apparent; whereas, a lip product such as a lip gloss will draw away the look of the illusion as the gloss will be distracting.

There you have it. Natural looking plumped lips without any needles or extra cash spent! Finding a use for a beauty product that was intentionally designed for another purpose is great as it makes it become a multi-use product as well as saves your wallet on unnecessary procedures and/or beauty products!

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  1. Which color/product did you use in your photos?