Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Peripera Wonder Lip & Cheek Tint Review

Here's a great little 2-in-1 lip and cheek product. The Peripera Wonder Lip and Cheek is not only a lip balm but is also a blusher! This is a specially designed cream formula that gives you amazing color to your lips and cheeks. It also moisturizes and is long lasting.

Find this product by clicking the following link: Peripera: Wonder Lip And Cheek

1) Outer Packaging  
The packaging is small, simple and attractive. Colors are simple pinks, blacks and whites.  Some products' packaging can be over sized and impractical but Peripera does a great job on getting straight to the point.  

2) Product Packaging 
This product comes in a circular light pink metallic tin container with small carved-in designs such as makeup, heels, etc. It is a little bit larger than an average paperclip. To open, simply unscrew the cap from the base. This is much more effective than pop-off lids that can often get stuck or break a nail. Perfect to put in your purse, cosmetics pouch or even your pocket!

3) Time for Swatches! 
What's great about each shade is that they can all be worn on a daily basis, regardless of the shade you choose. You can apply a light layer to either your lips or your cheeks and build onto it if desired, with another layer for a more vibrant color. Either way you choose to use your Wonder Lip and Cheek balm, you will be sure to look great. 

Shade 01 Pink  
A bubble gum pink with a lavender tone. 

Shade 02 Coral Peach 
A warm light-orange shade. 

Shade 03 Beige Pink 
A light coral/pink/peach color, close to a nude shade. 

Shade 04 Sugar Rose
 A bright and vibrant magenta pink


  1. OoHHH I love peripera products and the tint looks ahhhmazing - great swatches!

  2. Oooh, I've never seen these before, but the colours look lovely! The tin is cute too. ^^

  3. This wonder lip & cheek is an awesome product! It's one of the best multi-functional makeup products I have ever used.