Thursday, July 5, 2012

Solution to Silky Soft Feet

Hooray, Summer Is Here!
Are you ready to show off your feet in cute flip flops and sandals? If you have dry and/or rough feet, here is a simple remedy. Holika Holika has recently designed an easy at-home spa treatment for your feet called "Baby Silky Foot One Shot Peeling". The formula smoothens skin and removes dead skin cells to prevent chapped feet. 

What Makes It Work?
The formula includes extracts from 16 different effective plants including special vegetable ingredients containing AHA, a strong smoothing ingredient in many beauty products around the world. Shea Butter is also an ingredient in this product, that has great moisturizing benefits, such as in many of the best body lotions and butters on the market. What's even better? Phytoncide ingredients give energy to your tired feet and nutrients 

What Comes In a Package?
1 x Package of Peeling Formula for Both Feet and 2 x Disposable Socks 

How Is It Used?
Easy! There are 4 main steps. 

Step 1
Put the disposable socks (included) on each foot, leaving them untied.
Step 2
Carefully snip or tear a formula pack and pour into sock with one hand holding the sock tight upright. Then, pour the second package into other sock. 
Step 3
Tie each sock tightly at the ankle and use hands or wiggle feet to make sure formula covers all parts of feet. Wear socks for at least one and a half hour or longer if desired. Avoid any rough feet movement for best results.
Step 4
Take socks off and dispose into trash. Rinse feet with lukewarm water thoroughly. 

It could take 2-3 days at the latest to begin peeling. Simple peel off dry layers and dispose. 

Staff Feedback

A staff member tried it for herself and was amazed by the results! She used it while relaxing and enjoying her favorite TV show in the comfort of her own home. After 1 and a half hours, she took off the socks and rinsed. The next day, she was able to peel off dry layers of skin and was able to uncover completely baby-feet feeling skin on her feet.

She says: "I've always had dry feet and lotions never seemed to do the trick. It would at first, but it would eventually wear off. I gave this new product a shot, it definitely didn't hurt at all and was so easy to use. I was surprised by the results and how I was able to continue to peel off the dead skin for about 3 days. I didn't even know my feet could feel so smooth!"

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