Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to Make False Eyelashes Look Natural..

If you were born with naturally long lashes, consider yourself lucky! If you have shorter lashes, also consider yourself lucky because you get to play with some of the greatest inventions when it comes to cosmetics - false eyelashes! False eyelashes can give your eyes that finishing touch that just mascara cannot and also boost your self-esteem and confidence Here are some tips to making your false eyelashes look real. Click the links at the bottom of the photos to be directed to that specific eyelash.

1) If you're using thick eyelashes..

There's no need for eyeliner. Using thick eyelashes will already give you everything you need for a full eye look. Unless you're going out to a club or a party, where you want to go a little over the top feel free to go bold on that eyeliner! Otherwise, for a daily look, we recommend that you leave the eyeliner behind and just rock those lashes.

2) If you're using long and thin eyelashes...

Eyeliner can really boost up your look and help the false eyelashes blend into your eyes. Since the thinness of the lashes will not cover as much of your natural lashes, applying eyeliner is essential to keeping the look together and natural. Thin eyelashes and eyeliner will

3) If you're wanting to have a rounder eye effect..

Try false eyelashes that have a stronger middle section - either darker in color or thicker in material. This will cause the attention of your eyes to go towards the middle, making your eyes appear rounder. 

4) If you're wanting to have a wider eye effect..

Look for false eyelashes that have a flare at the ends. This creates an elongated effect to your eyes, causing the horizontal view of them to elongate as well. These come in so many styles, its up to you which kind you want to use. As long as the lash has a flare - whether subtle or dramatic, you will be enhance your eyes greatly. It also adds a great little flirty flutter to each wink! 


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