Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Korean Cosmetic Companies Updates: 2013

 If you are a Skin79 enthusiast or interested in trying out the brand's wide array of skin and beauty products, be sure to keep yourself informed of the latest from the brand! Skin79 has decided to make a slight change to their products as a way to keep its most genuine and authentic products on the market and any fraudulent ones off the market.

According to an official notice post from Skin79, the company will no longer be using its "verification stickers" on its products which is shown here : SKIN79 NOTICE   under tab #24 which will expand once it is clicked on. 

SKIN79 불법 모조품 구별을 위해 2010년부로 시행되어온 '정품인증라벨'부착 제품이
그동안의 노력으로 불법 모조품이 정리되어 '정품인증라벨' 제도를 폐지하게 되었습니다.

또한, 아래 명시된 공식 판매처에서 판매되는 제품은 모두 본사에서 운영중인 정품이오니 안심하고 사용하셔도 됩니다.

(불법 모조품이 의심이 되는 경우 고객센터 1544-2202 로 문의해주시기 바랍니다.)

 Its website is entirely in Korean - here is the direct translation in English:

"To take effect from 2010, which has been SKIN79 illegal imitations distinguish activation label 'attached the meantime, the efforts of illegal counterfeit products' organized 'labels' activation system has been abolished. In addition, the products being sold from the official dealer stated below, all are operating from the headquarters genuine peace of mind and there is no problem with sludge. (If you suspect illegal imitations, please contact the Customer Service 1544-2202)."

These authenticity labels previously, were located at the back of the product on the left-hand side of the description/ingredients area.

In addition to this change, a few popular Korean cosmetic companies such as Skin79 and Lioele have made the change to now print expiration dates on their products directly, rather than the product's manufactured dates. Along with making this change with the intention of keeping the most authentic products on the market, it will also be more helpful for the users of these products to understand how long they should be using it. Therefore, with all of Skin79 and Lioele's products produced in 2013, the dates printed on them should be shown as expiration dates, not manufactured dates. Other than these changes, all other elements that help to determine your product's authenticity (for example, the text prints, the caps and lid types, product quality, etc.) will still apply.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that these recent changes are new as we still have some products produced in 2012 by these brands in stock that still contain both a manufactured date as well as an authenticity sticker. These products are 100% authentic but just not up to date, so please bear with us during this transition.

We really hoped that this information was helpful to you and that it gave you a good perspective on what to look for the next time you shop for skincare or beauty products. If you have any questions, please let us know! We are happy to help.

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