Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Favorite Brightening Products

See what we're loving right now in the brightening department.

1) Lioele Every Day White Cream Having a brightened complexion means glowing and luminous skin. Take a look at the newest product added to the Lioele line.  It instantly brightens and corrects skin tone while creating a suppler complexion. This soft whitening and anti-wrinkle essence type cream may be used as a moisturizer for your face or body. It is fast absorbing and has a lasting brightening effect with natural ingredients, such as Adenosine and Niacinamide. Take a look at the incredible instant results when one of our staff members tested it with just a small area in the center of the forearm. Can you see the difference already? 

Why we're loving it:
  • Instant results
  • Can be used on anywhere on the body
  • Lots of product!
  • Moisturizing   

2) Naruko Magnolia Brightening and Firming Spray 
A unique form of brightening the skin that allows you to take it anywhere. Not only can act as a toner for daily use, but also can be brought wherever you go. The spray delivers skin that is bright and supple, anytime and anywhere. The spray can also inhibit the production of melanin/dark spots and prevent aging. In particular, the spray can be used on top of your makeup to give it a more natural look and to provide protection for the skin.

Why we're loving it:

  • Unique type of product
  • Can be used daily
  • Refreshing
  • Can be used alone or on top of makeup

3) Lioele Active Therapy Ampoule (Whitening)

A whitening serum that transforms sordid and dark skin into clear and bright skin.Contains large amounts of  stabilized vitamin C and arbutin the skin tone and to improve resilience to moisturize and revitalize skin. Also,hyaluronic acid which is an excellent moisturizer imporoves dried and tired skin caused by external environments.

Why we're loving it:
  • Refreshes tired skin
  • Easy to use
  • Helps to clear skin  

This limited edition mask cares for dull and tired skin by brightening it with Gigawhite ingredients.  The whitening effect doesn’t only help skin look more radiant, but it also evens out skin tone for a cleaner complexion. Silk proteins moisturize skin and maintain skin’s elasticity for a smoother and softer look.

Why we're loving it:
  • Adorable packaging!
  • Evens skin tone
  • Moisturizes and makes skin look and feel plump 

5) L’EGERE SPF34 UV Whitening BB Cream  

Conceal any pigmentation or discoloration area on face including acne, pores, age spots, sun spots and dark circles. Block the penetration of UV rays and other harmful factors with sun protection factor of 34. The polymeric powder can reduce oil secretion, and effectively absorb oils. No sense of thick makeup is felt when applied!

Why we're loving it:
  • Brightens many types of dark blemishes
  • Controls oil
  • Lightweight