Thursday, March 7, 2013

Product Authenticity: A Word of Advice from the Staff

The purpose of this blog post is to raise awareness of how important product authenticity is, due to a recent blog post our staff had come across. As beauty enthusiasts and BB Cream fanatics, it gave us an uneasy feeling in our stomachs and we wanted to take the moment to inform our fans who share the same interests to ensure that these experiences never happen to one of you or someone you know.

Not only is product authenticity crucial for you to get what you should from what what you pay, but for health reasons as well. If one comes across a product that is a fake copy of a true product, it is likely that the product contains ingredients or unnecessary chemicals to replicate the true product. Of course, the false seller would not inform their customer of this which could lead to possible skin irritations or even worse.

The blog we are referring to is from user "

The next clue that raised her suspicion even more was the overall product itself. As with any other authentic BB Cream, the product itself should always be in tact and in 1 complete piece except for the cap and any additional pieces it comes with (for example, a BB Cream roller, brush, etc.)

After all of these suspicions,

Remember:  the safest way is to buy is from companies with contracts with manufacture and there is never a middle man. We know that this type of act is disgusting, unprofessional and simply wrong but keep in mind that scammers and their counterfeit products are always going to be on the market.  Shop safely and don't let this happen to you or your loved ones!

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