Thursday, August 23, 2012

Popping Pimples || What you need to know!

We all get the urge to pop our pimples, zits, and blackheads. We also usually give into temptation. We try to re-frame ourselves because we know we’re not supposed to. But why? 

Popping your acne: A pimple or zit occurs when the pore becomes engorged with sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria. When you squeeze it, you force some of that debris deeper into the follicle, causing it to rupture and spill into the dermis, which worsens it. 

Picking at your acne: This can worsen your blemish, but most importantly, this causes acne scarring.
The best policy is a hands-off one. 

 Since this policy seems like an impossibility for most of us. Let’s look at what type of squeezers/poppers there are and talk about the best way to pop.
There are two types of acne squeezers/poppers, the type who doesn’t get carried away and gently squeezes a ripe pimple, only releasing the puss. And the chronic squeezers/poppers that squeeze it until blood comes out. 

The first is the better of the two but can still cause some puss to be forced deeper down the follicle.

Follow these simple steps for the right way to pop a pimple.


The Right Way to Pop a Pimple:

Wash face and hands, to avoid adding more bacteria to the newly popped blemish and surrounding areas.

Apply a warm dampened washcloth to the blemish, this will soften the skin and open the pore opening, to avoid breaking the skin. Note: You may also gentle prick the pimple with a sterilized needle during this step to create an opening, if one does not appear.

Take two Q-tips and apply pressure to the surrounding areas. You want the force to come from underneath the puss, to avoid pushing it deeper within the follicle. Q-tips are recommended to avoid adding extra bacteria and from damaging/scratching the skin with your nails.

Wash your face with an Acne Cleanser or Anti-Bacterial Soap afterwards, to remove excess bacteria filled puss.


Stop applying pressure when blood or clear fluid starts to come out. This can cause scarring.

Do not force the pimple. If it’s ready to pop, it will pop. Continuously working on it will cause it to scar, leave it alone until its ready.

Remember part of acne prevention is to exfoliate, to remove dead skin cells. They are one of the main ingredients in your pimple!


  1. Thank you for the tips!! ^^
    I hate pimples... -.-

  2. Certain pimples can be very painful. Cystic pimples would be among the most painful. The issue with these pimples is the pores may be clogged several layers below the skin. This can create a large and painful pimple.
    The clogged pore might not be easily popped. So, squeezing is replaced by scratching and cutting. Some may even stick pins in such pimples. Scabs may form by the pain and inflammation remains. forcible healthcareguru blog site

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