Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Beauty Blog Tip: Perfect Nail Polish Application - No more OOPS!

Does this ever happen to you when you try to perfect your nail polish application? --> First, you would accidentally get some nail polish onto the sides of your nails on the skin. Then you would try to clean it off with a tissue, a cotton ball or worse, another polished nail which made the mess even worse? 

Which scenario irritates you more when painting your nails? 

1) How the cotton balls can get the fluffy fluff onto our nails and ruin the entire nail. 

2) Trying to fix a nail with another polished nail, ruining that one with either extra unwanted nail polish or a chip.

No need to worry any more! We have a quick remedy/tip for all you DIY mani-pedi girls out there. All you need to do before you paint on your nail polish is use a cotton swab to apply a bit of lotion around the nail bed with a cotton swab so that your other fingers/nails don't any excess oils. Using a greasy lotion will do the best trick. You can even try petroleum jelly if you'd like. 

After you have painted on your nail polish, use a wooden cuticle stick to wipe off the excess nail polish on the nail. If you don't own one of these, you can also use a cotton swab and take the cotton off one end. Flatten the stick if you'd like for easier removal of the excess nail polish. Easy as that!

Try this technique the next time you play with your nails!


  1. This sounds like a great idea! Thanks P&C :3 I usually just let the nail polish that got onto my skin wash off in the shower so it'll look pretty the next day but this is genius!

  2. Yes, I love this idea, I was looking for some inspiration. Because I was painting my nails and the nail polish went all over my other nails. It turned into a huge mess, so I took off the nail polish and tried again. I tried this and it really worked. Thanks for the tips.

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