Thursday, August 2, 2012

Makeup for Smaller/Asian Eyes

There has always been that saying "Makeup does wonders" and for some Asian women, this is true especially when it comes to the eye region. Asians are prone to having smaller eyelids and eye areas in general, so when it comes to eye makeup, they usually wish to open and brighten the eye area if they can. Opening up the eyes doesn't just make the overall look seem more awake and brighter, but for some, its more of a self-esteem element.  On the left is of an image of a woman (user: munner83 of who posted her own photo onto the Internet to demonstrate a half of her face after makeup. 

Most women on the particular website believed that this woman has used her makeup effectively and that it’s a powerful tool in helping her with self esteem. In one quote said “She’s so brave for opening up like that. This video made me cry because I totally know what she’s feeling. People who don’t have acne don’t know what it’s like to have your self esteem basically plummet every time you look in the mirror. I just want to give her a big hug.” (user: Random_Mochi,
If you also have small eyes, want to brighten or boost your look, check out these steps:

  • Eyeshadow: Always apply a matte eyeshadow with the color that's closer or lighter to your skin tone on the entire eyelids to even out the area and making the later application of the darker color spreading smoother (otherwise spotted eyeshadows are more likely to occur). The eyeshadow color should be natural light brown to darker brown in her case. 
  • Eyeliner: Apply eyeliners closer to the lash line first (will put more after the fake eyelashes laid on) on both upper and bottom liners
  • Apply False Lashes: Go over the upper liner with black eyeliner to blend in the gap. Remember to make the liners thicker at the end and thinner to the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Lip: Apply lip liner to the outer liner of the lip with the color that closer to the lip tone with a bit of peachy-pink tints; apply lip gloss to give the thin lip a more luscious look
  • Blush: Slightly brush on the apples of your cheeks with a peachy shade that is closer to your skin tone for the finished look.

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  1. I think this is great; I hate it when I see people comment how "fake" this is. The word "fake" isn't to describe a person unless it is talking about their actions and personality. If people feel better about applying make up to boost up their self-esteem, I say do it! I sure do. We're all beautiful in different ways and make up is just a way to enhance our beauty.

  2. My motto is that you are optimizing your beauty. There is nothing fake about that. I think she is very brave. Those Japanese shows that take people from before and after give Asians this reputation that we are all "ugly" without our make up, which is quite infuriating. I agree with simply in that make up is a way to enhance beauty.