Sunday, August 12, 2012

3 Ways to Make Eyes "POP" with 1 Tool

Multiple Uses with 1 Makeup Tool

The amazing thing about makeup is that one tool can be used in multiple different ways and for different purposes than its original intention. Today's example will be a white shimmering eyeliner or an eye shadow pen. Just because these products were intended for the eyelid, doesn't mean it can't be used for other parts of your face. It's a great way to be resourceful, creative and to give your look a little "uumph."

Who can use this technique? 
Perfect for Those Who Are...

Of Any Skin Tone
Constantly tired or stressed
Wish to enlargen look of eyes

Wish to brighten look of eyes

Have dark under eye areas

Want a quick boost in their look

Enjoy experimenting with makeup

Want to save money by using a tool for multiple purposes

Already have a white highlighter or sightly shimmering makeup pen 

What You Will Need:
1 x Some type of White Smudge-able Eyeliner or Eyeshadow 
*All items below can be found at

How to Achieve This Method:

Start by applying regular eye makeup and eyebrow makeup, but hold off on the mascara.

  1. Using a white shimmering pencil or smudge-able white eyeliner that does not have much shimmer to the inner tear duct of your eye and gently smudge to blend it.
  2. Apply a small amount under the bottom eyelid near the outer corner of your eye from the middle to the end and gently smudge out to blend it with either the sponge end of your makeup tool, a brush or the pad of your ring finger. This will help to hide your under eye circles and brighten up the area.
  3. Using the same white shimmering pencil, apply a dab right at the highest part of your eyebrows aka the "arch". Using your choice of blending tool from step #3, blend outwards under the outer part of your eyebrow. Do not blend inwards.
  4. If you have a thin white eyeliner, line the inside of your lower lid, on the waterline behind your own eyeliner. This will give the illusion of larger whites to your eyes.

NOTE* Not all of these methods need to be used together! For a subtle look, use only 1-2 of these methods. Using all of them can overpower your look and make you look overdone.

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  1. I love versatile products ! >w<
    Hehe, I love the smoky look! ^^

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