Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Walk-In Customer's Review on Tonymoly's Ice Queen Pack!

Jenny Chau, a walk-in customer of ours created this blog review on the Tonymoly Ice Queen product but does not have an official blog website to post it, so we thought we would post this for her and share with our fans! Jenny hopes you found her experience with this item helpful and useful!

"I recently came back from a month long trip to Vietnam and had acquired some serious sun burns to my body and face. I bought this wondering if it could deliver in moisture, skin toning, and burn relief. I am happy to say that I am pleasantly surprised by this product. I was shocked to see that the texture, upon opening it, isn’t creamy as the packaging implies.

The texture is actually similar to bird’s nest soup, for those of you who have tried/seen it. I suppose you can say it’s also like finely diced jello. The feel of the product is almost kind of elastic and the little beads of gel aren’t easy to melt. The instructions say to put it in the refrigerator for the full effect of the product. I left it in there for about half an hour and applied it on after a shower. It felt SUUUPER cool on my face and the stinging from my sunburn just disappeared. As small as the product looks, you don’t have to use very much of it so it will probably last a while. After a bit, the product soaks into the skin and becomes sticky, probably from body temperature. I left it on for the specified amount of time and when I washed it off, my skin felt plump, moisturized, and calm. My skin tone was visibly evened out, though only a little, whereas the full benefits come with repeated use.

The moisture was so abundant that the redness and flaky, dried skin of my face were reduced for most of the day. I have used this product 2 days a week for approximately 2 months and my combination skin has become a lot less finicky. I also find that I use less moisturizer and primer during my makeup routine. The only downside to this product would be the really strong scent of the gel and also the packaging, which I think isn’t very sanitary since you have to dip your fingers/brush/whatever applicator you choose into the product. The smell is kind of like a really strong fruity and floral perfume, nothing at all like ice cream. I’ve gotten a few headaches from using it. The scent stays in your skin for a majority of the day but becomes lighter, which is a good thing. Another problem with the product may be that a majority of the cooling effects are from physically lowering its temperature with the fridge, lol. But it does provide very good moisture and skin-calming benefits. I will certainly repurchase.

Pros: interesting texture, moisturizing, calming, skin-tone evening, reasonable price
Cons: strong smell, messy packaging, cool-sensation from external influence (I.e. fridge)"

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  1. Her review was pretty good and useful! Thank you so much for sharing it!

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