Monday, September 12, 2011

Do you like to apply eyeshadow regularly, but do not like the inconvenience of carrying or using both an eyeshadow palette as well as a brush or applicator? Lioele created an eyeshadow stick that can be used wherever you are, whenever you wish. Simply pull off the cap as you would a regular writing pen and apply as desired. The great thing about these eyeshadow sticks is they come in 6 different beautiful shades that can be used together or separately. Use a light soft color for a daily shadow or use a thicker amount of shadow for a great night out.

Customer: "Do you have any tips applying the Lioele Real Stick Eyeshadow?"

Us: Sure! Start with your favorite shade of the eyeshadow stick and apply all over your lid as shown in Step 1 above. Step 2: Use the pad of your index or middle finger and gently smooth the shadow across your lid for a more natural effect. Step 3: Take the shadow stick and apply slightly in the tear ducts of your eyes and across the lid once more. Step 4: The final step is to take an eyeshadow brush (use a Q-tip or applicator if you do not own an eyeshadow brush) and brush it across the lid to give it that last finishing touch.

For best results: Apply a thin-brushed liquid eyeliner across your upper lid, closest to the lash line. Create a "winged" effect if so desired. For a daily look, do not wing out the end too far. Also, curl your lashes and apply a light layer of your favorite dark mascara.

Since this shadow does goes on smooth and does not contain loose powders, the vibrant colors will stay on your lids for a majority of the day! If you would like to add more shadow or enhance your look, just take out the shadow stick and apply as desired. Since it is not powder-based, you are able to use the pad of your finger to blend the colors together, or simply with your skin as desired. 

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Take a look at all the colors available here: Lioele Real Stick Eyeshadow

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