Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vivi Bory - Lioele Beyond Solution BB Cream

2 weeks ago, I picked up a tube of the Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream from Pretty and Cute. I've been wanting to test out a foundation with a little more coverage than the Water Drop BB (which I am absolutely in love with). The reason is, you all know I have some freckles on my cheeks, and for everyday occasions, a light coverage BB cream that doesn't hide any of my freckles is fine with me; but for those special occasions where I want to look my best, whether it's attending an important event, or standing in front of the camera for a photo-shoot, that's where Beyond The Solution comes in.

The texture of the BB cream is much thicker than any of the others th
at I have tried, thus, better coverage. I figured that after I applied it to my face, I had to let it sit for about 2 minutes before applying any other beauty products to my face. It goes on thick and sort of sticky at first, but after a few minutes, my skin feels much smoother than before.. But sometimes, that's just the price you pay for better coverage. Be patient, it's worth it. What I love most about it, is it lasts for a long time.. I didn't worry about touching up or reapplying.. And with this product, a tiny amount is all you need, because it expands over time.

After my first time using it, I felt like a couple pimples came out of nowhere (one below my chin and the other above my lips), but I shouldn't blame it on the BB since I've had quite a share of greasy foods those past couple days.. Anyway, the BB Cream did an incredible job concealing those bumpy imperfections. Oh, and my annoying under-eye circles!! Since I can never seem to permanently get rid of them, Beyond the Solution helped me hide them pretty well, giving me that extra boost of confidence anywhere I go. Now, two weeks later, I haven't seen any random zits, so if it did cause those earlier ones, they also improve over time.

If you haven't picked up a bottle of Lioele's Beyond the Solution BB Cream yet, I say, try it out.. There are a couple different sizes that you can choose from.. Get a small tube if you're just planning to give it a shot, and if it works well for you, grab the bigger sizes.. It'll last much longer.... Plus, the packaging is incredibly cute!

Where I apply little dabs of the BB cream

P.S. make sure you know what shade you are..
it goes on a bit lighter, so it brightens up your face. You could
tone it down a bit by applying a light dust of bronzer over your face,
and apply a 2nd layer of bronzer (or blush) over area of the face that you
want to accent (such as your cheeks, sides of your forehead, and chin).

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