Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We would now like to introduce you to.... Peripera!

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The Peripera shipment has finally arrived! We have brougt in 24 beautiful shades of Peripera's My Color Lips lipsticks and 32 shades of Wonder Kiss Lip Glosses,  7 lovely shades of the Smile Fit Blusher from pinks, oranges and even a glowing white shade to suit anyones' skin, 3 shades of My Skin Pacts, as well as Peripera's famous Wonder Touch Eyeshadow palettes. What else? Of course we have to bring in Peripera's BB creams entitled "I Love BB" creams in both Natural and Light shades! OK, so we've updated you on the latest; but what is so great about Peripera? 

As you can see in this photo of the My Color Lips lipsticks, the design is splendid as are the lipsticks themselves. We did some surveying and through our findings, our female customers say "You can’t truly appreciate this lipsticks packaging without holding it in your hand." The lid is covered in a lace and flowers  design that is slightly 3D, yes the flowers pop out a bit from the surface. The lipstick casing is a metallic pink. Not an offensive, in your face pink but a nice dull pink. The lipstick is controlled by a knob at the bottom of the lipstick giving it the last stage of dimension.

As with the eyeshadow palette, people we surveyed said in their opinions that this is a must-have carrying eyeshadow palette. The packaging itself is magenta-pink which draws your attention right away in compliments to the beautiful designs on the top cover. When you open the palette, that's a-whole-nother story. The 6 shades inside are perfect for a daily, sweet and gentle look. With just these 6 simple shades, you can create many looks from innocent, to elegant, to sassy and much more!

Of course, we saved one of the all-time-favorite items for last; the BB Creams! Peripera’s “I Love BB” Creams will be arriving as well, in two different shades. One known as “Light” and the other is “Natural”.  The formula is a lightweight substance that goes onto your skin smoothly without feeling like you are trapping your skin’s oxygen flow. The dewiness of these BB Creams are incredible as it also gives your skin a healthy glowing finish while diminishing the look of red spots, acne marks and uneven skin tones. All you really need is one dime-sized pump onto your hand or brush and your skin is good to go for an entire day.

This is just a quick overview of the shipment we are all anticipating for! Sign up for the “In Stock Notifications” to be notified first when the item comes in! Click the following link to see our current line of Peripera products! Peripera Products


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