Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Office & New Website

After two years of working in a tinny office, we are finally moving to a bigger space. We are very fortunate to find a space that allows us to have a retail show room in the front and office in the back. Everything is set up now in the back office, so processing orders can continue. Pretty&Cute started as an online retail shop, so our site orders are our first priority. Our show room is created for local customers or anyone who wish to Visit to test out our products and be surrounded by an Pretty and cute atmosphere. There is still a lot to do before we can actually open our show room for visit.

A long with our move to a new office we are also launching a new site. With our customer base growing and the of orders we are getting daily, the girls and I decided it is time to upgrade our site. We wanted a site that is friendly to use and yet fit our customer's style. We searched for a very long time for a designer who can live up to our shop name. We found Diane, the director and creator Blossom Graphic Designs.   Diane is an award winning designer who specialize in Feminine design. Her portfolio was love at first site for us. We heisted for to book her because, well she is very expensive. At the time we were not able to afford Blossom Graphics and have turned away to look for alternatives. We did find other suitable designers, but sadly the project was not able to be finalized. At this point we have wasted our time and money, when we should of went with our first choice and love. After the project was terminated we contact Diane once again. Her way of business was very professional and thought out. Series of questions and descriptions to find out exactly what we are looking for. We are very happy with our choice, and I know you guys would be as well. We highly recommend her.

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