Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Thank you everyone! Thank you for making our first ever Black Friday sale so successful. We will now focus on pushing all orders out. We hope you enjoyed the discounts and hopefully you would tell your family and friends about us. We will definitely try to bring you better discounts in the near future. Happy Holidays Dolls!


  1. Thank you for the discounts and quick service. This was a great way for me to try out a lot of the Lioele Products that I have been eyeing for weeks. I love the quality and Lioele has not disappointed me yet.

    You are awesome retailers of very hard to find products (and at the cheapest prices outside of Ebay- who I don't trust).

    Thank YOU, Pretty&Cute!



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  3. Mina, we only sell lenses for the sale. After the sale the lenses are not available. Which email did you send to? I cleared all the emails yesterday. Please kindly send us a email at inquiry@prettyandcute.com .