Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Security Breach

Today we received many emails from concerned customers of suspicious order confirmation email asking them to verified their order by entering in their credit card information again on a miscellaneous site. After we were notified that his kind of activity is happening with our business name link to it, we immediately took action. We contacted Diane our designer told her the problem we are experiencing. We decided to best protect our customer is to delete the data base from our old server completely. This leaves no trace of any registration. We than called our business lawyer who has informed us that even big companies like Verizon and Microsoft encounter phishing scams (please visit FTC website for more information). He is working on tracing the source of the email, while Diane and I decided to launch the new website on a new server early. The site is not complete in feature wise, but complete function wise and also more secure. Users will have to register a new account under our new highly protected server. Please keep in mind that Pretty&Cute will NEVER ask you to verified your order in email or ask any you to give any sensitive information over email or chat. Our trained customer reps will only need your order number or your register email to look up your order history. We have no access to your password or billing information after you check out. Here is what you should do if you got a suspicious email from and unknown account claiming to be Pretty&Cute.

I received an email asking me to confirm my order by entering my credit card information. If you receive an email asking you to update your credit card information, DO NOT go to the Web site listed in the email. This is a scam email and is not authorized by Pretty&Cute is aware of the situation and is taking the necessary steps to resolve this matter.

What if I gave away my credit card information?

If you went to the scam Web site and entered your credit card information, call your credit card company immediately. Tell the representative that you were the victim of a scam. State that you received an email that instructed you to go to a Web site and confirm your order by entering your credit card information again.

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