Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Plastic Surgery Without Surgery!

Have you ever thought about changing the features on your face? Everyone has something that they would like to fix— whether if it’s a low nose bridge, wide jawline, or even the size of your forehead. However, plastic surgery can be very expensive, and undergoing any cosmetic procedures entails some sort of risk factor involved. Instead makeup has revolutionized the beauty world and corrective makeup can enhance the features you love, and hide the features you hate. In this blog post we’ll show you some of the techniques being used all across the world to counteract the features you’re so worried about!

Have a low nose bridge?

Shading and highlighting will be your nose’s best friend! To get a slimmer nose contour the sides of your nose using a shade a little darker than your natural skin color. This creates a shadow on the edge of your nose so your nose appears “slimmer” than it is. Then use a highlighter that’s lighter than the natural shade of your skin color and highlight the bridge of your nose. This pulls your bridge out making it a lot “taller” than it is and gives the illusion of a high nose bridge. In the picture above it shows a more slimmer and taller nose in the after photo, then the before. What a difference it can make by just shading and contouring!

How do you hide a dimple chin?

Chins that are indented are referred to as 'dimple chins' or 'cleft chins.' Basically because it is indented it creates a shadow in-between the chin. To counteract a dimple chin just highlight the shadow! Highlighting brings up the cleft making it appear less indented then it really is. A easy fix is just to conceal the indent with a cream concealer that matches or is a little lighter than your skin color. Then powder it using a highlighter to soften, and make the dimple less visible. 

Want a smaller face?

Unfortunately, you can't change the size of your face. But you can create an optical illusion that makes your face appear smaller than it actually is. There are a variety of ways such as the way you draw your brows, the way you part your hair, and the way you contour the outside perimeter of your face as well. For instance, drawing your brows straight and more full can counteract a narrow, and long face. If you part your hair to the side instead of straight in the middle it will also create a more rounder face. A good method is to also contour the sides of your face-- temples, cheekbones, and jawline while rounding off the edges creating softer bone structures! 

These are just some of the corrective makeup techniques that are being used all across the world! Do you have a feature that you would like us to tackle? There are many more makeup techniques that is out there to help soften the feature you're most worried about. Leave a comment below, or contact our team and we'll help you in no time! 


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