Friday, July 3, 2015

How To Get Perfect Natural Brows!

Get The Perfect Natural Looking Brows!

 Are you tired of using eyebrow products that are too dark for you, making them look too harsh and unnatural? You no longer need to fear! 

 Step 1) Outline the shape of your eyebrows with the:
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24hr Auto Eyebrow was uniquely cut in a square shape to create a more natural brow look. Its waxy type formula allows it to adhere to skin gently without smudging even through sweat and rain. Vitamin E was added to soothe sensitive skin types and nourish the hair follicle. Comes in four shades ranging from light brown to grey black. 
Step 2) Fill in eyebrows for a natural look with the:
Lioele Mix Eyebrow Cake The enriched formula of the Lioele Mix Eyebrow Cake helps enhance the natural shape of the brow while adding subtle colors to keep brows looking natural and filled. The combination of accent colors provides brows contrast and definition.  With its included brow brush, spooly brush and mirror on the inner lid in the convenient compact case, you will be able to perfect your look wherever you go.

Step 3) Set eyebrows with the:
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 1 Sec. Finish Browcara comes in multiple colors to provide you the perfect match for your hair color! Help yourself to become more stylish by simply changing the color of your brows, and easily adheres to the eyebrows. This quick to dry formula does not get hard or sticky the longer you wear it, and it has a specially designed two-way brush to make your brows appear more delicate, and detailed. 
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