Friday, March 4, 2011

Epi Magic Hair Remover - No More Shaving & Waxing!

How can I get rid of the "Peach-Fuzz" 
on my face without Shaving or Waxing?

Well, the key to a healthy, flawless and glowing face is visibly clear skin. 
But quite often enough, we all have those little tiny baby hairs that are visible to the eye when looked at in a regular face-to-face conversation. Shaving will only make those hairs grow back quicker since the hairs are still within the skin and only appear like they're gone for a short period of time. The other alternative, waxing, dries the skin, can cause redness and peeling, usually is quite painful and can become quite expensive. 

We know what you're thinking: Now what should I do? We have the solution, it's called the Epi Magic Facial Hair Remover. This tool is essential to your daily look, helping to provide a brighter facial appearance by removing the smallest hairs and "peach-fuzz" on your face which creates a shadow on your skin without any harm or causing hairs to grow back fast like shaving or waxing does. Another great thing about this product is you can take it wherever you go and remove your facial hairs whenever you please for a discounted price!

How does this work? This tool is a soft-spring with two handles on each end allowing easy grip and control. Gently roll the spring across your face in a U-shape with the bottom of the U on your skin directly on the hairs. Our Epi Magic Facial Hair Removers come in either Black or Hot Pink for the handles and come in a specially designed package carefully wrapped in pink tissue.

Watch the video below to see how this product really works.
Click on the following link to get your own: Epi Magic Hair Remover

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