Sunday, October 4, 2015

TonyMoly Panda Products!

TonyMoly has the cutest line of Panda Products & we carry a bunch of them!

is a portable eye serum in stick form that moisturizes and cools the delicate skin around the eye area. It smoothens and softens the appearance of fine lines, and instantly cools while de-puffing! This multi-tasking eye stick is infused with nourishing and hydrating bamboo extracts which is the key ingredient to cool and soothe the delicate eye area.

 is a portable eye serum base in stick form that’s infused with chrysin and brightening peptide to illuminate the look of your skin around the eye area! This light and creamy base will give your under eye a more healthier, and refreshed appearance. Easily awaken tired eyes while nourishing the skin! You’re able to use this as an under eye primer as well to conceal those dark circles on the go!

is a thick hand cream that locks in moisture and whitens hands.  This super nourishing hand cream will bring vitality back to your hands while evening skin tone. Hands will feel soft and smooth after each application without greasiness. Has a light fruity scent!

is a lightweight over night whitening cream. It will help to even out skin tone, lighten dark spots, and effectively moisturize the skin. The gel formula quickly absorbs into the skin and doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy feeling. There is no need to worry about it transferring to your pillow and it is perfect for al skin types!

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