Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Skin79 Renewal! 

They never seem to dissatisfy us with their BB creams, that is right! SKIN79 did it again, this time renewing what seems to be the all time favorite BB cream for many, the VIP Gold and Hot Pink are now renewed to VIP Gold Super Plus and Hot Pink Super Plus & did I mentioned it is Paraben Free?! Better than before, you won't be disappointed! Let's get in dept with the new and upgraded product shall we?

Oh la la, did you say Gold?...

Yes, Gold & Caviar the perfect combo! Want more to love about this new and improved product? The Skin79 VIP Gold Super Plus BB cream now has a softer and nutritious application, which presents natural skin tone with a smooth finish! Not only will your skin feel soft and hydrated, with the upgraded Gold and Caviar ingredients in this beautiful bottle, it also creates a protective barrier to care for tired and damaged skin. More elasticity for your skin with a natural bounce! Isn't that amazing? Well, it doesn't stop here, there's more!

The VIP Gold Super Plus is great to wear all day! Maintaining even and clean coverage without darkening after application. You don't have to worry about those UVA/UVB rays hitting your beautiful faces, because this product is also upgraded with higher UV interception.

Improved UV protection, enhanced whitening properties, and upgraded wrinkle care will leave you with natural glowing, elastic skin!

Spice spice babyyyyy...

Oh hey girl hey! The renewed and upgraded version of this BB cream is a must have for those of you with dull and uneven skin! This BB cream has always been a must have for stressed and oily skin. Now with a matte finish melting formula, your skin will thank you for applying this BB cream onto your face! Best part? You don't feel oily or sticky and you can bet that it will maintain a clear and clean application on your skin without darkening all day long. That is right, ALL DAY LONG! 

The Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus contains eco ingredients, like pink blooming complex and Acerola that helps with brightening, making your skin feel clean and clear! Better than the old formula, this BB cream is more natural. WOW! Who doesn't love applying makeup that looks more natural? We sure do, but hold on, there's more to this product. With the upgraded UV interception, your skin will feel the love with whitening and wrinkle improvements                                                                             making your skin feel more smooth and appear more                                                             radiant!


New packaging! 


  1. Ah!! I can't wait to pick these up! So excited!! ^___^ Especially for the more matte finish! I have really oily skin and these will be great! I already loved the old formulas too, thanks for the post! :D

  2. Thanks so much for the update!!! The reformulated pink looks perfect for summer, cant wait to try it <3<3 Any excuse to go back to Pretty&Cute is a good excuse!

    Visit my blog ❤Don't Panic Luna❤ ^^

  3. Oh I must be the only one who is dissapointed..

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