Monday, November 4, 2013

Benefits of Out of the Ordinary Beauty Ingredients

For years, beauty enthusiasts and experts have worked hard and discovered hundreds of breakthroughs with ingredients you and I may find extremely out of the ordinary and even strange! However, these natural ingredients that will be soon mentioned are some of the most beneficial and full of nutrients for your well-being, particularly your skin. Take a read!

We all know that salmon is a very healthy choice when it comes to eating! By eating salmon, you are adding luster and softness to your complexion. 
Fish itself, particularly salmon has one of the richest concentrations of omega-3 acids which helps to nourish the body's production of inflammatory substances which help to decrease clogged pores, darkness in skin and the appearance of fine lines!

NOW, imagine if all those nutrients came in a form that is applied directly to the skin. One of the newest and most exciting lines has arrived to Pretty&Cute - the Skinfood Salmon Brightening collection. Choose from an eye cream or eye serum and see the results rapidly. The ingredient of Haloxyl strengthens skin and decreases hemoglobin production to prevent the formation of dark circles under the eyes. 

Snail Extract 
Say what? 

How could snail serum possibly improve human skin? The fact is that snails and humans share many of the same skin elements. The balance between collagen  and elastin in the skin of snails is almost the same to that of humans. When snails face hardship, they naturally produce a serum that is packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, immune modulators, proteins, co-enzymes, and cell-communicating ingredients. This is the principle ingredient in snail creams and products.

Snails never have skin infections or inflammations. A snail can come across a blade and not experience any cuts. Snails never have any issues with the balance between their collagen or elastin components because of their ability to biologically produce the only solution in the world solely made for the objective of renewing skin and keeping it healthy.

Marine/Mammalian Placenta
Ok, now this one is just plain weird..  right?

Placenta facial creams and masks provide proof effect of skin rejuvenation, nourishing and treatment of problem skin. This type of product is perfect to be used by a teenager with acne problems, a woman who wishes to improve the appearance of wrinkles and a man with sensitive skin can quickly get rid of after shave skin inflammation. 

This special ingredient does not only provide you with a quick cosmetic effect, but also psychological satisfaction after the treatments because the results will be seen practically immediately. Placenta has been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles,  hydrate skin, reduce skin sagging, and reduce the appearance of freckles and blemishes.

Now that you're informed of some of the most natural and good-for-you ingredients, which will you take a look into? Do you know of any other "out of the ordinary" beauty ingredients? Let us know!