Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Most Common Foundation Mistake

The Scenario: We're sure this has happened to you: After applying your makeup, you notice you have excess redness or a blemish or two that seem to peek through. What do you do? Add an additional layer of foundation or BB Cream, duh!

*Buzzer goes off* "WRONG!"

This is one of the most common mistake of most makeup users. By adding too many additional layers of foundation to your skin, it could
  1. Cause breakouts due to pore clogging 
  2. Dryness/ dry patches
  3. Excess oil if your foundation/BB contains oil
  4. Creates that "cakey look" that no one wants 

What to do?

Use concealer.  
Sounds like common beauty sense right? Some girls may think that concealer is nothing but another product that is on the market that they will not ever need. Well, there is a great reason why concealer was produced and that is to provide additional cover up in areas needed. This is something typically your BB cream or foundation can't do, even if it is buildable. For a foundation to be buildable is a great benefit but often times you can only do so much after a couple of layers. The more you add, the "cakier" your skin can look, especially throughout the day as your skin absorbs the natural oil and moisture it provides.

Many concealers provide additional benefits such as moisturization and brightening properties to diminish the look of blemishes as well as dark spots, so ideally, a concealer would be a better choice over another layer of foundation or BB Cream. 

How Do I use a Concealer? 

There's no shame if you are unsure! As concealers come in several types and forms, it can be challenging. Typically, you will find a concealer in a liquid form that looks much like a liquid foundation. You can also find ones that come in a "stick" form that look like pencils or large crayons such as the one pictured. And there are also palette types. Before applying foundation, dab some concealer onto the spots you wish to conceal or areas that you wish to brighten (such as under your eyes) and smooth it out until the blemish seems to have disappeared. Afterwards, apply foundation over and you'll have yourself flawless, stress-free skin!
 How do I choose a concealer that is right for me? 

 The number one rule to finding a concealer that will work for you is to use one that is a shade or two lighter than your normal shade/foundation shade. This will best conceal the spot and brighten up the area. Concealers don't have to be exactly matched to your skin tone, any concealer lighter should do the trick of hiding the imperfections!

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  1. Great tips! This is super helpful, I have always been a bit hesitant with concealers and only use it every now and then. I always got confused if it went on before or after foundation/bb cream. ^___^