Monday, January 21, 2013

Etude House Princess Etoinette Collection

 Say hello to Princess Etoinette - one of the latest inspired collections by
 Etude House as their 2012 Holiday Collection. 
This collection defines luxurious, elegance and beauty with just one glance.   
Press play on the video below to see an adorable introduction to this fabulous collection.


This collection is amongst one of the most anticipated collections on the
 Asian market and we are thrilled to be able to carry it for our customers.
 Each product in this collection is carefully detailed with a subtle golden finish.
 What we love most about Etoinette are the subtle blush pinks, pearls and whites. 
Place one of these items onto your vanity and you will instantly feel 
like a princess in your own castle. Click the name of each product 
below to be directly linked to it.

Lace, pearls, pastel pinks and hearts. Anyone feeling a princess vibe yet?

  is a portable compact princess mirror that will make you want to 
fall into its enchantment. Its elegant and sophisticated embellishments make 
it suitable for any occasion or outfit. Plus its light weight and slim design allows
 it to fit gorgeously into a purse or clutch for easy and convenient travel.

 is used during the last stage of face makeup to provide a radiant and 
natural finish. This is a moist loose powder with luxurious pearl that illuminates 
the skin with a subtle glow. Let this silky powder make all your romantic 
princess dreams come true with just a few simple pats.

 is a baked heart-shaped highlighter with various white colors that smoothly 
glide onto your face to provide skin with a healthy radiant look. Fine pearl powder 
adds a luminous glow to the face whenever it catches in the light, creating a gorgeous 
glimmer. Let this highlighter make all your romantic princess dreams come true!

 is a smooth and creamy lipstick that delivers a surge of moisture and a s
oft shimmering pigment, giving your lips a gorgeous, healthy look. These glossy
 lipsticks provide lips with a luminous and softened finish with its pearl based 
formula and added French Royal Jelly extracts. Become a Real Princess 
with Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips!

will soon be following you everywhere! Compact and cute, it comes with
 three brushes - one powder brush, one last-touch brush and a lip brush. These brushes 
securely fit in its beautiful lace detailed brush pouch, making this a truly elegant collection.
 Perfect for those who’d like to touch up their make-up during the day with style!

Etude House Etoinette Princess Hair Brush  
is a portable princess comb that provides spectacular tangle-free hair 
even in the wind. Its beautiful and elegant design makes it a perfect accessory 
for any purse or vanity. Make all your romantic princess dreams come true 
by completing your Etoinette collection with this comb!

What do you think of this collection? Which products stole your heart?

Find the entire Etude House Princess Etoinette Collection: Click Here


  1. Aah, I've seen this collection around!
    How could I forget such a gorgeous design, packaging and advertisements?
    I have no idea which item is my favourite - they all stole my heart! >w<

  2. I really LOVE the Princess Etoinette Collection but is pretty much out of my budget unfortunately u__u
    Thank you very much for share this with us!
    Hope you have a really nice day!(^ω^)ノ

  3. aww everthing from the collection is sooo supercute! *.*