Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lioele Water Drop BB Cream 50ml NEWS!

 The week has just started and a fresh new shipment of Lioele products have just arrived to Pretty&Cute as usual, but this time, something looks a little different! The Lioele Water Drop BB Cream 50ml. Its packaging has been newly redesigned! This is a BB Cream that beauty gurus such as Michelle Phan, Promise Phan, Ingrid of mizzglamorazzi and Jen of frmheadtotoe have discovered and loved! All beauty enthusiasts have been raving over since the BB Cream craze erupted.

What's so special about this BB Cream?

This BB cream has the water capture system provides increased hydration when compared to W/O Type BB Cream on the market and has a feel of soft moisturizing cream when applied. Water droplets form upon application, making skin feel cool and moist with a light wear allowing for no stickiness.Contains various plant extracts to keep skin moist and healthy, providing a natural color. BB Creams such as this one has a long shelf life of up to 2 years as well!

Before & After 
Special thanks to YouTube beauty guru, Ekimura, for taking this photo demonstrating her results with the Lioele Water Drop BB Cream! Find her here > Ekimura's YouTube Channel

Order Exclusively from Pretty&Cute Here > http://bit.ly/Ml3NBN


  1. I love this BB cream
    I will post soon a review about that on http://pinkiglam.blogspot.com/

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