Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tonymoly: Latte Art Skin Products - Morning Cup of Coffee for Your Skin?

Tonymoly has recently released a new line of incredibly unique and cute skin products. Introducing Tonymoly's Latte Art products. On the left is the Tonymoly Latte Art Capuccino Cream in Scrub. It has the functions of providing moisturizing caffeine particles derived from real coffee seeds for the skin; hence, the capuccino exterior, which helps to reduce and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and lines. It has the effects similar to the natural coffee extracts within Botox, a cosmetic tool - without the need for incision or extreme costs. The coffee and milk protein extracts remove dead skin and dirt, encouraging healthier, cleaner, smoother and youthful skin. How do you use it? Simply screw off the top of the mug - using your fingers, apply an appropriate amount of the cream onto your skin. Use the removable spoon on top of the mug to stir the cream as needed. Gently massage and rub the cream into your skin. When the cream's color begins to alter, rinse off with lukewarm water. The 80 grams of product will last you quite some time, allowing you to keep up that youthful and fresh appearance every day.

Introducing Tonymoly's Latte Art Milk Tea Morning Pack This product can be used as make up base pack or facial mask in morning to provide super fast instantaneous acting effect overnight skin. Some say its like a "morning cup of coffee for the skin". The facial mask formula consists of fermented black tea and pure Laminaria Japonica extracts, giving the skin dewy and beaming by revitalizing the skin with a nutrition boost. This product contains natural caffeine, tea mixtures, corn silk extracts which all aids puffy face from sleeping. Tea, fermented pucopia - replenish intense hydration while promoting vital skin cell rejuvenation for softer, younger-looking skin
How do you use this product? After cleansing your face thoroughly, apply an adequate amount of the cream onto your fingers and massage and rub the cream onto the skin for 20 seconds then leave on skin for 10 seconds in order for the product to absorb. For best results, add he Latte art milk tea creamy essence (creamer-like container) and stir with included spoon.

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