Monday, January 24, 2011

Six Products for a flawless face

Everyone has their own definition of beauty, but I think almost everyone can agree a part of being beautiful is having flawless skin. We can admire someone's beautiful eyes or their gorgeous lip, but when it comes down to it, those features would not stand out without a clear canvas.

Here is five products from Lioele that can help us have and maintain flawless skin.

Lioele Cleansing Tissue

 When we think of cleansing tissue, often times we associate it with makeup remover. Moist tissues with soapy liquid that wipes away our makeup. Lioele cleansing tissue is the only cleansing tissue I've use that isn't heavily loaded with soap and yet provides a deep cleaning. This tissue can provide a mid-day face cleaning without having to run to the bathroom or be near a sink. It has a refreshing fragrance to it, like you just got out of the shower. Keeping oil and sweat off our face is the first step to having flawless skin. This is a highly recommended product for those who can't find time in the middle of the day for a face wash or spa. This will keep our face clean and oil free until we get home from work or school at night. 

Lioele Oxygen Foam Face Cleaner

Gravity is women's biggest enemy when it comes to aging. We can't avoid it, we can't block it, all we can do is try to reduce the damage it has on us. The good thing about this cleanser is that it has face firming properties. It will remove dirt, makeup, and bacteria from our face, but yet help us firm and tone our face without having to add another step in our skin routine. This is another great product and time saver. 

Lioele A.C Control Toner

Dead skin can cause the face to look dull and appear dry. With all the pollutants in the air, our skin just can't handle it. The Lioele A.C control toner can help us remove dead skin and keep our face soft and dry. It is always recommended before using a mask to clean face with soap and toner. This is because toner will help us remove the dirt and dead skin we simply missed with just soap and water. 

Lioele Perfect Essence Mask

Different types of mask have different functions. It can help us unclog pores, soften our face, and even brighten our face. No matter what our beauty goal is, facial mask is a easy way to get our face there. Sparing a couple of minutes a week to do a relaxing mask at home is not only good for our skin, but good for our health as well. Relaxation can clear our mind. While we gather our thoughts for the week, let the mask we chose fix the imperfections on our face. 

Lioele A.C Control ZERO Trouble Spot hunter

Do you have little tinny bumps on the side of your eyes? They don't look like pimples, but yet they are harder to get rid of then any zit.  This is caused by build up from our pores. It's not something that will go away by keeping our face clean. The Zero Trouble hunter is a serum that can help reduce and diminish them. 

Lioele A.C Scare ZERO cream

Lioele A.C Scare Zero cream was created for people with scars resulting from undergoing surgery. This cream helps lighten scars anywhere. Lioele has tested this product on several groups of people who have had eyelid and nose surgery. Over six weeks of time the scars got lighter and less visible. This cream is also recommended for people who have had acne problems in the past and are left with acne scars. Acne scars are difficult to get rid of. They look like little tinny bruises on our face. This cream can help reduce those imperfections. 

Lioele Sun Elastic pack
The Lioele Sun Elastic Pack is a light weight powder that helps protect our face from the sun. It has Optical fine particle powder and micro-crystal powder to form an even skin barrier against sunlight. Without sun protection our face can age really fast. This product defuses sunlight and helps our skin fight gravity with Elastic powder. It also will keep our skin soft and dry through out the day. It's a must have for any women. 

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